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Houston Traffic Statistics

Houston TrafficTexas and Houston Vehicle Accident Statistics

Being alert on the road can help reduce the possibility of an accident that results in injury or death, but some drivers are hurt or killed as a result of the actions of other drivers.

An Overview of 2011 Texas Vehicle Accident Statistics

Statistics for 2011 vehicle accidents in Texas from the Texas Department of Transportation indicate that the total number of fatal accidents in Texas decreased by 1.54 percent from 2010. Over 3,000 people were killed in a vehicle accident in 2011, and more fatal accidents happened on rural roads. Nearly 80,000 people were left with serious injuries because of vehicle accident in Texas in 2011.

Fatalities resulting from Texas vehicle accidents occurred daily in 2011.

Does Weather Affect Texas Vehicle Accidents?

Statistics indicate that the weather in Texas does not tend to have a significant impact on accidents occurring in the state. While slightly more fatal crashes happened while it was raining as opposed to on days that were clear or cloudy, the difference was negligible.

Statistics showed no significant correlation between slippery road conditions caused by sleet, rain, snow or hail and fatal crashes.

How Alcohol Impacts Texas Vehicle Accident Rates

The impact of alcohol on the rates of vehicle accidents and fatalities related to crashes in Texas is apparent when examining statistics provided by the Texas Department of Transportation. Fatality rates for drivers who have consumed enough alcohol to meet or exceed the legal blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.080 near 50 percent.

In cases where the BAC of drivers who suffered fatal injuries due to a vehicle crash was tested postmortem, approximately one-third of these drivers had no alcohol in their systems.

Younger drivers were more likely to be killed when operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, and drivers between the ages of 21 and 25 had the highest number of driver fatalities that could be contributed to drunk driving. Drivers under the age of 30 represented about half of the drunk drivers who were killed in a crash.

Alcohol had such a strong impact on 2011 vehicle crashes in Texas that the possibility of fatal injury to anyone in an accident that involved driving while under the influence of alcohol increased by more than four times.

Speeding and Vehicle Accidents in Texas

Breaking the speed limit appeared to be a significant factor leading to vehicle accidents in Texas in 2011. Auto accident personal injury was sustained in slightly less than half of accidents that involved at least one speeding vehicle, and accidents involving one or more vehicles that were being driven over the speed limit resulted in fatalities 2.5 percent of the time.

Fatal crashes that involved driving over the speed limit resulted in the death of the driver of the speeding vehicle 64 percent of the time. Passengers in vehicles that are involved in a fatal crash that was partially due to speeding were killed approximately 16 percent of the time.

Do Seat Belts Save Lives in Texas Vehicle Accidents?

The ability of a seat belt restraint to save the lives of people involved in a crash has been called into question in recent history, and some people have said that a seat belt actually hurts occupants of a vehicle when they are involved in a crash.

One-third of vehicle accident fatalities in Texas in 2011 were suffered by people who were properly wearing a seat belt restraint at the time of impact. Although this statistic may make critics of seat belts claim that the restraint played a part in the death of the wearer, further information indicates that restraints do not necessarily have a negative impact during a crash.

One-third of people killed in an accident in 2011 were traveling in vehicles without seat belt restraints, and 28 percent of the fatalities suffered in vehicle accidents in 2011 involved an unrestrained occupant of the vehicle. Whether a restraint was used or not could not be determined in approximately 6 percent of the cases.

Statistics Related to Fatal Texas Vehicle Accidents

Trends in the occurrence of fatal accidents during certain months or days have been observed in 2011 statistics.

April had the most fatal accidents in 2011 with 266 fatal crashes and 285 fatalities. February had the least number of fatal accidents in 2011 with 187 crashes and 206 fatalities.

Fatal crashes in Texas in 2011 were most likely to occur on U.S. and state highways and were least likely to occur on toll roads. U.S. and state highways in Texas were the location for 38 percent of crashes that involved at least one fatality in the state while toll roads had the least fatal crashes in Texas in 2011 by percentage.

Weekends were the time of the week with the highest occurrence of fatal accidents. The combined total percentage of accidents occurring on a weekend in 2011 was 38 percent. The increased possibility of fatal crashes occurring on weekends could be attributed to the increased consumption of alcohol and a higher possibility of distracted driving as people were on their way to spend time with friends.

The time of day with the most fatal accidents in Texas in 2011 was between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m.

Accident Statistics for Houston

Houston saw more crashes than any other metropolitan area in Texas in 2011 with 38,538 vehicle crashes. Over one third of these accidents involved an injury, and less than 1 percent involved a fatality.

The danger related to driving on Houston roads becomes apparent when it is revealed that the number of crashes that happened in Houston represents 13 percent of the accidents that occurred in Texas in 2011.

Statistics related to 2012 vehicle accidents in Houston and the entire state of Texas are not yet available.

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