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The DeSimone Brothers

Ronald DeSimoneRonald DeSimone

Ronald DeSimone graduated from the University of Florida with a chemistry degree in 1984. He entered the University of Houston Law Center the following fall and graduated in 1987. Ronald received his license to practice law that same year. Continuing his education, he obtained his Masters in Business Administration in 1996 from Rice University.

Donald DeSimoneDonald DeSimone

Donald DeSimone graduated from the University of Florida with a business degree in 1986, and, after enrolling at the University of Houston Law Center in the fall of that year, he received his law degree in 1989. Donald was licensed to practice law in Texas later that same year.

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The Houston Auto Accidents attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have been involved in numerous cases where another negligent driver’s vehicle has failed to yield right of way from a stop sign, parking lot or at a red light. Many insurance … Continue reading

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