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16 Percent of All Used Cars Have a History of Accidents

Safety is a 16 Percent of All Used Cars Have a History of Accidentsfactor in most used-car purchasing decisions. Many buyers are wary of purchasing a vehicle that has been involved in a Houston car accident because of fears regarding improper repairs or lingering damage that could reduce the value and the utility of the vehicle. A study conducted by CarGurus in 2012 indicated that approximately 16 percent of the used vehicles for sale in the U.S. had been in an accident. Knowing what to look for when purchasing a used car or truck can help you enjoy greater safety and improved reliability on the road.

Newer Cars Less Likely to Have Accident History

The CarGurus study also found that newer cars were half as likely to have been involved in an accident. Only 8 percent of the used cars that were manufactured in the two years prior to the study had a recorded accident on their vehicle history. It is not clear whether this can be attributed to the enhanced safety features of these cars and trucks or to the fact that they have not been on the road as long as other vehicles.

Fleet Vehicles

Statistics indicate that newer vehicles in the used car marketplace were much more likely to have seen use as fleet vehicles. In fact, data compiled by CarGurus indicated that 22 percent of the used cars on the market were former fleet vehicles. Historically, fleet cars and trucks are much more likely to have been involved in an accident than vehicles owned by an individual. Depending on the company that managed the fleet, routine maintenance and other necessary automotive work may have been neglected as well.

The Value of a Vehicle History Report

Finding out whether a vehicle you are considering has been involved in a Houston auto accident can help you avoid purchasing a problem car or truck. Most dealers will provide you with this information upon request. If you are working with a private owner, however, it may be more difficult to obtain this information for free. Before making a major investment in a vehicle, however, it is wise to check the vehicle history report to determine if the car, SUV or truck is right for you and your needs.

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