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Avoiding Settlement Mills When Pursuing Houston Auto Accident Compensation

Houston Traffic Accident LawyerIf you or a family member has been involved in a serious accident in our area, finding the right Houston traffic accident lawyer can ensure that you receive assertive representation and fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Some law firms, however, are more interested in coming to a quick settlement with insurance companies and collecting their fees rather than representing your interests. Here are some of the most common warning signs that you may be dealing with a settlement mill rather than an attorney looking out for you.

Lack of Personal Interaction

One hallmark of settlement mills is the lack of contact the clients have with the actual attorneys who are supposedly working on their Houston auto personal injury case. Rather than discussing the specifics of their case with a lawyer, these clients are often directed to speak with law clerks, paralegals and administrative staff members with little or no experience in the personal injury field. This can cause significant delays in processing claims and pursuing cases both in and out of court. Lack of experience can also increase the risk of errors in legal filings and could damage the ability of accident victims to recover compensation for their injuries.

High Volume of Cases 

A Houston traffic accident lawyer that appears to have a much higher than average volume of cases is usually less likely to provide personalized services for clients. This is often a telltale sign that the law firm is acting essentially as a settlement mill rather than a legal representative for accident victims. Long delays when scheduling a consultation can sometimes be an indication that the law firm is more interested in quantity of cases than in the quality of representation they can provide.

High-Pressure Tactics

In many cases, settlement mills may put pressure on you or your family to settle your auto accident claims in Houston quickly and without going to court. This may occur if the paralegal or law clerk responsible for your case is required to complete a specific quota of cases within a certain timeframe or if the law firm is more interested in collecting their fees than in maximizing your compensation. Law firms that charge higher contingency fees for cases that go to court or charge lower fees for cases that are settled out-of-court are often acting as settlement mills to maximize their profits.

Working with a qualified Houston traffic accident lawyer who is committed to representing your case effectively is the best defense against being cheated by settlement mills. The legal experts at DeSimone Law Office can provide you with the right representation both in and out of court to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries, damages and losses. Call us today at 713-526-0900 to schedule a free case evaluation with a practicing attorney. At DeSimone Law Office, we want to be your attorneys for life.

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