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Beware of Delayed Symptoms from Traffic Accident Injuries

The trauma caused by a serious car accident can make it difficult to determine the extent of your injuries on the scene. In some cases, symptoms of serious injuries may take hours or even days to manifest. Working with a qualified Houston accident injury attorney can help you protect your legal rights when filing a Houston auto accident claim. Here are some of the most commonly reported delayed symptoms of injuries caused by auto accidents in our area.

Back Pain

Damage to the spine and the muscles and ligaments of the back can take a while to show up. These injuries can be caused by rear-end collisions or side impacts that jerk the body and put pressure on the back. Consulting a physician as soon as possible after symptoms show up can reduce the risk of further injury after a traffic accident.

Severe Headaches

After a serious auto accident, it is relatively common to experience headaches. Scheduling a checkup with your regular doctor or an urgent care clinic is recommended, however, as these headaches could be a sign of a concussion, a blood clot or other life-threatening injury. Traumatic brain injuries can sometimes cause noticeable changes in personality or difficulty in performing everyday activities. If someone you love is experiencing the loss of motor skills or is exhibiting unusual behaviors after an auto accident, seek medical attention immediately. It could be a matter of life or death.

Whiplash Injuries

If you are experiencing pain in the neck, shoulders or upper back, you may have a whiplash injury as a result of your auto accident. Numbness in the extremities can also be a symptom of whiplash. Your doctor can provide you with added information on the proper treatment and the likely prognosis for your condition.

Keeping Track of Medical Expenses

Tracking your Houston traffic accident medical expenses can ensure that you receive fair compensation for the time lost from work and the cost of medical care for your injuries. Especially in cases of whiplash, making sure that you receive the proper treatment and that you document all doctor’s visits and costs of your care can help you to deal with the aftermath of your accident in the most practical way possible.

If you need the services of a qualified and experienced Houston accident injury attorney, DeSimone Law Office can help with a free case evaluation and the most assertive representation for you both in and out of court. We will negotiate your Houston auto accident claim with the big insurance companies to even the playing field for your claims and to ensure that you receive the most appropriate compensation for your injuries and losses. Call us today at 713-526-0900 to schedule a consultation with us. At DeSimone Law Office, we want to be your attorneys for life.

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