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Big Trucks Can Be Big Trouble Part 3

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office for the past two weeks have been discussing the problems in recovery for personal injury damages  by injured parties from at fault big trucks such as eighteen wheelers. We discussed how trucking companies get the upperhand at accident scenes and are able to influence the police officer to write a police report most favorable to their at fault driver from the trucking accident.  However some cases are so clear that the trucking company despite all its’ resources cannot change what happened in the accident and it is obvious to all that they are at fault.  If this scenario happens, then the next step for the trucking company is to delay payment on the claim. Most trucking companies have a huge deductible and are on the hook for a significant amount of money before any insurance kicks in to pay the injured parties property and personal injury damages.  They will do whatever they can to minimize what they have to pay. A favorite tactic is to delay any payment on the injured party’s car for months in the hopes that this will strand the injured party and prevent the injured party from being able to get to medical treatment for their injuries. They definitely are not paying for a rental car either for the injured party. As a matter of fact most of the time they have totalled the injured party’s car and under the laws of the State of Texas are not liable for any rental. You can thank the insurance company controlled courts and legislature of the State of Texas for that unfair law.  They also are not going to pay anything for any medical in advance and will force you to file suit to obtain any fair recovery against them.

If you have been involve in an accidnet with a trucking company, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office  immediately. We will taked the steps necessary to make sure the trucking company does not get the best of you.

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