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What Type of Compensation Can I Receive After a Car Accident?

Houston Car Crash AttorneyAuto accident victims often hire a Houston car crash attorney when they realize the depth of their loss. The severely damaged or totaled vehicle is often the least of their concerns. Some people have extensive physical injuries that prevent them from working. Others face emotional trauma that can interrupt their quality of life for years. As the medical bills pile up, the paychecks slow down.

Some accident victims accept inadequate settlements from the insurance company before the full extent of their loss is recognized. Others simply don’t know what types of compensation they can ask for after an accident. Working with an experienced Houston auto injury attorney is the best way to get what you deserve.

Property Damage

This is what insurance companies will often consider when offering an initial settlement to someone not represented by a Houston car crash attorney. They may include only the minimum cost to repair or replace the vehicle. Drivers represented by attorneys are more likely to know that they’re also entitled to the value of anything inside the vehicle that was damaged or destroyed during the accident.

Medical Expenses

It’s important to understand the extent of your physical injury and the emotional toll that the accident may take before settling your case. Some injuries need ongoing treatment, including physical therapy, medical equipment and medications that aren’t fully covered by health insurance. You may also need in-home medical care or an extended stay at a medical facility.

Everything from ambulance fees and MRIs to compensation for permanent disability are included in your medical expenses claim. You will need official medical records to prove the type and extent of your injuries. Working with a Houston bus accident attorney or Houston auto injury attorney is the best way to ensure that the correct medical records are collected and presented at the appropriate time.

Pain and Suffering

If your physical, emotional and financial loss alters your quality of life, you may receive additional compensation for pain and suffering. It’s more difficult to prove some forms of pain and suffering, so it’s important to work with an experienced attorney able to fully present your case with the proper evidence.

Lost Wages and Other Expenses

If you can’t return to work for any period of time after the accident, you’re entitled to lost wages compensation. You may also receive compensation if you’re permanently disabled and thus unable to work in the long term.

If you have other expenses that aren’t covered by medical insurance, then you may ask for reimbursement on those expenses as well. Keep records of every small expense that you must pay as a result of your injuries or the aftermath of the accident. Your attorney may use that paperwork to argue for fair compensation on your behalf.

Are you overwhelmed by the extent of your damages after a car accident? Call a Houston car crash attorney at DeSimone Law Office today at 713-526-0900!

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