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The High Cost of Automobile Accidents

Houston Car Crash AttorneyIn 2018, there were nearly 250,000 auto accident injuries reported in the Lone Star State. With this in mind, retaining a qualified Houston car crash attorney is the best first step for victims of these accidents.

According to the CDC, deaths caused by auto accidents cost the state of Texas almost $5 billion every year. Therefore, we need to find ways to reduce the risks to drivers and passengers. In this way, we can help reduce the cost and the human suffering caused by these incidents.

Three Categories of Contributing Factors

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recognizes three basic categories of contributing factors to car accidents across the United States:

  • Driver-related accidents: These are caused by factors like distracted driving, poor decision making, failure to notice a traffic hazard, falling asleep behind the wheel and other examples of human error.
  • Vehicle-related accidents: These are usually the result of defective equipment or breakdowns on the road. For example, tire blowouts and loss of control caused by steering issues fall into this category.
  • Environment-related accidents: Causes of these accidents include slick or icy roads, heavy rain or snow, glare, weather events and poor road design.

Your Houston car injury attorney can provide you with expert help in figuring out the underlying reasons for your car accident. Additionally, they can help you find the most appropriate strategy to receive fair compensation for your injuries and other expenses.

The Value of a Qualified Houston Car Crash Attorney

Choosing the right Houston traffic accident lawyer is essential to ensure that you receive the support you need after an accident. Specifically, your attorney can help you win the settlements you need. Accidents can cause medical expenses, lost wages and other financial shortfalls for you and your family. Your attorney will work to make sure that you pay as little out-of-pocket for your accident-related expenses as possible. Therefore, they can help you have peace of mind when getting back on your feet after your accident.

If you need the services of a Houston car crash attorney, the team at DeSimone Law Office can help. We will provide you with  expert representation and practical solutions for your specific situation. We go above and beyond to give you assertive, effective representation. DeSimone is here to protect your legal rights and promote the highest possible award for your case. Call our team today at 713-526-0900 to request a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We are here to serve your legal needs now and in the future.

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