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Dash Cams and Houston Auto Accident Claims

“There are two sides to every story, and the truth is somewhere in the middle.” This seems to be a common theme when dealing with insurance companies after a Houston auto accident. You are upset because you feel that your side of the story is the truth. Then, somehow, the insurance company comes up with these crazy, nonsensical “70% your fault, 30% their fault” numbers. It’s frustrating to have to deal with this back-and-forth argument. Luckily, we’re living in the 21st century, and we have technology to help us with these sorts of situations. May we present to you the wonders of a dash cam, and the multiple reasons why you should invest in one:

The Truth is in the Middle

Regardless of the “he said, she said” that goes on after a Houston auto accident, a dash cam will always tell the truth. It makes it easy to catch the other driver in a lie, which helps to your benefit when dealing with insurance and keeping your rates low. If you’re going to offer up the dash cam footage, though, we recommend you make sure your side of the story matches up with what is shown on the camera. You want the dash cam to work in your favor, not against you.

Call Their Bluff

The police try their best, but catching the wrong car in a speeding frenzy happens from time to time. Regardless of what happens, if you have a dash cam proving your innocence, you can contest the ticket. Sure, it’s a pain to have to go to court over the ticket fee, but wouldn’t you rather that than paying a hefty speeding ticket?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

Insurance fraud happens ALL. THE. TIME. The biggest issue comes from being able to prove it. This goes back to the “he said, she said” game with the insurance company, unless you have a dash cam. Whether you are personally being scammed by someone, or you see an “accident” that doesn’t look right, your dashboard cam is there to save the day- and a lot of money!

Practice Makes Perfect

The same way that a bodybuilder watches his/her form in the mirror to improve, a driver can do the same with a dash cam. Watch your driving back on the footage, and make notes on what you should work on. Are your turns subpar? DoAvoid a Houston Auto Accident you notice some difficulty with keeping up with traffic? This handy tool will help you improve your driving game in no time.

I Spy With My Little Eye…

…a new driver who is driving like a maniac, thinking he/she won’t get caught. A dashboard cam will allow you to keep a watchful eye on a new driver, both inside and outside the vehicle. Young drivers have the highest insurance premiums. Use a dash cam to ensure safe driving habits are being performed.

Catch Them Red Handed

Thieves may believe that they’re sneaky, but thanks to special motion activated dash cams, your anti-theft devices are sneakier. These motion activated cameras start recording as soon as movement is felt by the camera. Catch the culprit on camera, and the police will have a better chance of catching the law breaker. Another positive to motion activated dash cams? A hit and run will no longer be a hit and run thanks to these cameras. Whether you’re in the car or not, the jolt from a vehicle backing into your car triggers the camera and records the offender pulling away without leaving insurance. Justice has been served.

Science and Other Cool Happenings

You simply never know when something cool is going to happen. Everything is recorded from insane weather conditions to funny instances while you’re driving! You can become YouTube famous off of a video you wouldn’t have captured had it not been for your dash cam.

A dash cam can be pricey depending on the type you buy. It’ll pay for itself once you’re able to prove your innocence in a Houston auto accident and other driving mishaps. Plus, it will keep you, your family, and other on the road safer. At the end of the day, if all else fails, you always have your Houston auto accident attorneys by your side to help with any legal issues.

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