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Determining Responsibility for a Chain-Reaction Auto Accident

Multi-car accidents are an unfortunate fact of life in urban areas. If you have been involved in one of these major traffic events, consulting with a qualified Houston traffic accident lawyer can help you protect your legal rights to compensation for your injuries and damages. Understanding how fault is determined in these types of accidents can help you navigate the legal process more easily and can provide you with added peace of mind during the aftermath of a serious crash. Here are some key points to remember about determining fault in a multi-car accident.

More Than One Driver May Be at Fault

In chain-reaction accidents, one vehicle strikes another, which causes other collisions due to the force of the impact or the sudden stop in the flow of traffic:

  • If Car B strikes Car A, Car A may be propelled forward into another vehicle in front of it.
  • If Car B strikes Car A, it may come to a sudden stop that could result in Car C hitting Car B from behind.

In the first instance mentioned, only Car B would be considered to be at fault for the accident regardless of how many vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction crash. The second case, however, puts the blame for the accident both on Car B and on Car C, which was following too closely behind Car B to stop in time. If multiple cars strike the vehicles in front of them as part of the chain reaction, all but the first car hit would be considered negligent and at fault for the portion of the damage caused by their collision.

Intentional Acts Are Usually Not Covered by Insurance

In some cases, it may seem that the driver in front intentionally hit his or her brakes to cause the accident. Even if this seems to be true, it is a good idea to allow your Houston car crash attorney to discuss the situation with insurance company representatives. Intentional acts are generally specifically excluded from most auto collision coverage. Avoiding these accusations can often prevent insurance companies from denying your claim outright.

Consulting with a qualified Houston auto injury attorney is the best way to address issues of fault and liability in serious car accidents. The professionals at DeSimone Law Office specialize in providing you with the most assertive and effective representation whether your case goes to court or is negotiated directly with insurance companies. We give you the best chance to obtain the compensation you deserve. Call us today at 713-526-0900 to schedule a free consultation with us. At DeSimone Law Office, we want to be your attorneys for life.

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