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Determining The Value Of An Accident Case

The Auto Accidents Attorneys of DeSimone Law Office are often asked by clients and potential clients what their case is worth.  Ultimately the value of any personal injury claim is determined by what a jury would award on the case if they heard it.  How do we know what a jury would do with a particular case? Traffic accident cases are tried every day in courts in Harris County, Texas as well as all the other counties in Texas.  The verdicts on these cases are published for everyone to see.  A review of these verdicts will show the the amounts juries in various counties will award under various fact situations for car accidents.  The jury verdicts published will detail out how the accident happened, the injuries of the complaining party, the amounts of medical expenses and lost wages the injured party incurred, and what the jury awarded on the case for the injured party’s medical expenses, lost wages, and monies for pain and suffering.  When valuing a client’s case the attorneys at DeSimone Law Office will need to wait until a client is finished with their treatment with their doctors and have obtained the final medical bills and records for their client.  DeSimone Law Office will also obtain the documentation on the client’s lost wages. The medical records will be reviewed to see if there will be any future medical or lost wages for which the the client needs to be compensated.  A review of any photos of the damage to the cars or any of the client injuries will also be reviewed.  Where the accident took place and if the client has any criminal record will also be reviewed amongst other factors that a jury would consider when rendering a verdict on a case. Obviously anybody putting a value on an accident case right after it happens has a very small chance of being correct because at that point very few of the facts needed for a case valuation are ready or available for review.

If you have been in an accident, call the DeSimone Law Office. They will make sure that your case is valued correctly, and you obtain all the monies to which you are entitled.

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