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DOT Bans Texting While Driving for Commercial Vehicle Operators

Texting while driving is a dangerous practice that can lead to serious accidents on the road. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has strongly discouraged the use of mobile phones by drivers. To that end, the DOT enacted a rule in January 2010 that prohibits the use of cell phones for texting by all commercial drivers across the U.S. Buses, semi-trailers and delivery trucks are among the most common examples of commercial vehicles and are covered under this prohibition. For those who have been injured in an accident involving a distracted driver, Houston vehicle accident lawyers can provide added support in achieving a fair settlement for injuries and losses incurred in these incidents.

Rule Intended to Promote Safer Streets and Highways

Texting behind the wheel is unsafe for any driver. For semis, passenger buses and large delivery trucks, however, the risks for other drivers can be even greater than those for the distracted individual. These trucks can weigh as much as 30 times as much as passenger vehicles. This disparity in size can lead to catastrophic damage and increased injuries and fatalities when commercial trucks and buses collide with smaller cars and trucks. The ban against texting and driving put in place by The U.S. Department of Transportation is intended to remove one of the possible causes of accidents involving these large-scale vehicles.

Avoiding Distractions Can Save Lives

According to the experts at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more often referred to as the CDC, more than 1,100 people are injured every day in the U.S. because of distracted driving accidents. The CDC identified three distinct types of distraction:

  • Cognitive distractions are activities that take mental concentration away from focusing on the road.
  • Manual distractions occur when drivers must remove one or both hands from the wheel to engage in another activity.
  • Visual distractions require drivers to look away from the road ahead for a brief or prolonged period.

Texting while driving involves all three types of distraction, making it one of the most dangerous activities for commercial drivers. Your Houston bus accident attorney can provide you with the right counsel and representation if you or someone you love has been injured in an accident caused by a distracted commercial driver.

At DeSimone Law Office, we specialize in helping victims of auto accidents achieve fair compensation for their injuries and repair or replacement costs. If you need an experienced Houston traffic accident lawyer to represent you in and out of court, we can provide the expertise needed to achieve the largest settlement possible on your behalf. Call us today at 713-526-0900 to discuss your case with one of our legal team.

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