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Fatal Traffic Accident Involving Motorcyclist

The Houston Auto Accident Attorneys of DeSimone Law Office handle many traffic accidents that involve clients who have been involved in accidents while driving their motorcycles.  The injuries from these accidents tend to be more serious than if our clients were involved in an accident while driving their automobile. It is not uncommon to see large parts of the skin torn off the motorycle accident victim’s body but also broken bones and in many instances some type of head injury resulting in permanent brain damage.   On October 3oth here in Houston there was a fatal accident involving a motorcyclist who was killed in an accident with a Nissan box truck as outlined by the Houston Police Department’s Public Affairs Division.

Since most persons in Houston have images of motorcyclists as daredevils who don’t follow the rules of the road it often times takes extra effort to hold the negligent party responsible. If you have been involved in an accident while travelling on your motorcycle, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office today.  We will put your case in a position to make sure you get paid the maximum dollars for your case.

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