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Get Pictures At the Scene Of The Accident

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office represent many clients whose cases would be more easily resolved or would settle for more money if clients took photos at scenes of car accidents and also of any injuries.  With the advent of cameras on cellular phones there is really no excuse to be able to get photo evidence at the scene of an accident unless a person is too injured to do so.  Photos of the traffic accident scene and or any personal injuries can be helpful in several ways. Often there is a dispute at the scene of any car or truck accident about how the accident occured.  Pictures of the positions of vehicles taken immediately after an accident can be excellent evidence to assist in an understanding of how an accident happened.  After the vehicles have been moved a negligent party can begin to spin his lies about the position of the vehicle after the accident. Photos of the position of the vehicles will prove up that the negligent party is lying. Pictures of the damage to the vehicles are excellent in backing up a claim of injury from an accident.  Pictures of both vehicles that show significant damage will put an end to the insurance company argument that the injury claimant is not really as hurt as he and his doctor are saying. Pictures of injuries such as bruising, broke bones, and bleeding are more effective in conveying an injury to a jury than words alone. Insurance companies know this and will pay more for claims where there are good pictures of any insurance claimant’s injuries.

If you have been involved in an accident, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office immediately.  They have investigators that will help document how your accident happened and your injuries through photographic and other means

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