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How to Get Your Teenager to Use Seat Belts When Driving

Seat belts are required for all drivers and passengers under Houston traffic accident law. These safety devices are especially critical for teenage drivers who may be more prone to lapses of attention behind the wheel. Making sure your teenagers use seat belts every time they drive or ride with someone else can be a challenging task. Here are some key ways to encourage your teens to buckle up every time they travel in a moving vehicle.

Set the Example

Promoting seat belt use begins as soon as your children are old enough to climb into the car or truck on their own. Making sure that they buckle up every time can ensure that this habit continues into the teenage years and beyond. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released figures for 2016 that indicate that 91.6 percent of drivers and passengers in the state use their seat belts regularly. By buckling up every time you drive your car or truck, you can demonstrate the importance of this behavior in a practical and effective way.

Enforce the Rules

Refusing to move the car until all passengers are securely buckled into their seats can further impress upon impressionable preteens and teenagers that seat belts are essential to stay safe on the road. Parents should never let children of any age ride unrestrained in a moving vehicle. Sticking to this rule can help keep your kids safer if a crash should occur. For teen drivers, revoking driving privileges for failure to buckle up can be an effective way to reinforce the importance of seat belt use.

Explain the Facts

Your local Houston accident injury attorney can often provide you with relevant data about seat belt use and the consequences of failure to engage these safety devices in a serious accident. According to figures released by the Texas Department of Transportation, 889 people in the state died in 2015 because they were not wearing their seat belts. Failing to wear seat belts is also a traffic violation that could result in tickets and serious fines. Buckling up every time you travel in a moving vehicle can significantly reduce your risk of serious injuries or death if an accident occurs.

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