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Handling Accidents With Big Trucks

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have handled many trucking accidents over the past 24 years. Because of the size of a truck as compared with a car accidents with trucks can definitely cause some of the most severe property damage and personal injuries.  Proving up that the 18 wheeler driver is at fault is always difficult.  The truck drivers are taught what to say and what not to say after an accident. We believe they are trained never to admit fault any under circumstances. If the driver is local, they are taught to call their home office so a team of people can hurry to the scene in an attempt to hide evidence of fault and convince the police to write any report in their favor. Normally the driver of the truck is feeling fine because he was in the safety of a big rig at the time of the accident.  In the meantime, the injured party, normally in a much smaller vehicle, is either carted off to a hospital immediately or is still at the scene in a state of pain and shock from the truck accident.  Either way the trucking company and his associates get to tell the police officer their side while the injured party is either physically unable or is approached by the officer before he has a chance to recover from the accident and compose his thoughts. These circumstances are normally played out at the scene of the accident after the accident. Of course this assumes the truck driver has even stopped after the accident as many times they flee the scene after an accident in the hopes of not being discovered.  

As we have outlined before in this blog, as in any other accident, witness testimony and physical evidence at the truck accident scene are crucial to recovery on the personal injury claim.  As difficult as it may be when injured at an accident scene the injured party at the hands of the truck driver must try to get photos of the vehicles and the vehicles positions after the accident. Names and numbers of any witnesses must be obtained when possible. Unfortunately if you are being carted off to the hospital it may make it impossible to get these pieces of evidence. Of course the truck driver is fine and his company representatives are called to the scene immediately where they can alter the scene n their favor and keep witnesses not in their favor from talking to the police officer.  We have had former clients smart enough to call us from the scene of an accident where we advise as to what to do or where we can send our own investigator to the scene to secure evidence. Also in cases of severe injury DeSimone Law Office will retain the services of an accident reconstruction expert.  This individual is expertly trained in reconstructing accidents after the fact and can overcome the items on the police report that are in favor of the truck driver that are obviously a result of the trucking company representatives controlling the scene of the accident.

If you have been in an accident with a truck, contact the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office immediately.  We will tale the action necessary to make sure you obtain the justice you deserve.

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