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Handling An Auto Accident Without An Attorney Can Lead To Disastrous Results Part 3

The Houston Auto Accident Attorneys of  DeSimone Law Office have been discussing the hazards of a typical injured party attempting to handle their own car accident insurance claim.

We started off with delays the insurance company caused during their investigation of the claim. Attempts to secure statements from the injured party that would lower or eliminate the value of the injured party’s personal injury claim were discussed.  The fact that the insurance company does not pay any medical expenses until a claim is settled was discussed.  This inaction on the part of the insurance company is an attempt to procure a quick and early settlement with the injured party who does not want their credit ruined while they attempt to recover from their traffic accident.

We have also covered the difficulties in getting a damaged automobile repaired and problems with paying for rental cars and getting reimbursed for those rental charges.  Also covered was the fact that the at fault party’s insurance company will not pay for any medical expenses unless they have already been incurred, leaving injured parties without health insurance with no way to obtain medical care.

Let’s suppose that the injured party handling his own claim has managed to get through the aforementioned hurdles and has finished his treatment and is ready to settle his case.  The insurance company will require copies of all medical bills and records related to the case.  A trip to the hospital by ambulance will create five items alone that will have to be obtained. They are as follows: the ambulance bill, an itemized statement of charges from the hospital, the emergency room records, the emergency room physician bill and the radiology bill.  If the injured party is lucky, he may receive either the ambulance bill, emergency room physicican bill, or radiology bill in the mail.  Chances are he may receive one of those. The other items will have to be requested and paid for to obtain. Most hospitals use a records service to distribute their bills and often there are  different record companies that handle the requests. The injured party, after figuring out to whom to send his requests, will first have to send a request to the record companies for all items needed. Then the injured party, if he is fortunate enough to get a response to his request, will then have to send in the money required to get the records. Next, he must hope that after sending money that he receives the records for which he paid.  It should be apparent that the time and effort required to just get the charges related to the hospital visit will be a tedious and time consuming project that most people do not have the time or patience to obtain. Remember that the insurance company will not settle the claim without all the bills and records.

If you have been in an accident and want to receive that to which you are entitled, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  We will handle all aspects of your case and make sure you receive all compensation you are due under the law.

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