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Handling An Auto Accident Case Without An Attorney Can Lead To Disastrous Results Part 5

The Houston Auto AccidentHandling An Auto Accident Case Without An Attorney Can Lead To Disastrous Results Part 5 Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office for the past four weeks have laid out the case against an injured party with no legal experience handling their own personal injury claim without the assistance of an attorney. Problems with getting paid on property damages, creditors pursuing pending medical expenses, payment for needed current medical expenses, obtaining the necessary proof for an insurance company to pay a claim, and trying to negotiate as a novice with an insurance company who has been settling claims for many decades have been cited as some of the reasons not to handle your own injury claim.

If the injured party happens to want to continue handling his own claim under these circumstances, the next hurdle he will have to overcome is that on almost every injury claim medical bills have to be negotiated down if the injured party hopes to end up with anything out of their settlement.  Any time you go to a hospital from the scene of an accident, the hospital has a lien on your injury claim and they are not bashful about billing much more than a reasonable price for their services. How will the injured party know who to negotiate with or what the bill should actually be? Also if Medicaid or Medicare paid any of the medical bills they will have a lien on the settlement. Obtaining these liens is a time consuming and tricky process for someone who does it all the time, let alone someone starting from scratch.  If regular health insurance covered your bills then they will have a lien on the settlement that normally has to be negotiated down. Outstanding child support is also taken fom any settlement. Even if the injured party was lucky enough to get a fair offer on his case, he would still have plenty of hurdles to overcome.

If you have been in an accident, avoid the pitfalls inherent in self representation.  Call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office to get the compensation to which you are entitled.

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