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Houston Auto Accidents Should be Handled By An Attorney

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorney at DeSimone Law Office often receive calls from potential clients who ask me if I think they need an attorney for their traffic accident.  They ask why should they hire an attorney when they could settle the case with the insurance company themselves.  When I get that question I am always reminded of the times when I tried to handle something myself.  We had a clogged garbage disposal and drain at my house. Rather than call a plumber I tried to repair it myself.  After a couple of hours of work I was left with parts all over my kitchen floor and a disposal that still did not work. I then called the plumber. Needless to say representing yourself in a car accident case will result in a simliar outcome.  You will end up not receiving the money you should for either your injuries or property damages.

Insurance companies are not interested in paying any more for auto accident claims than they have to pay.  When an insurance company calls an accident victim after an accident their goal is to get that accident victim to sign a release of all their claims for as little money as possible.  I can’t tell you the number of times an accident victim has called me stating that they are hurt and needing medical attention but having already signed a release of their car accident claim for a mere piittance.  After the release is signed their is nothing we can do to help the client. The insurance company will call you quickly and act very friendly after you have a traffc accident.  It is all an act meant to have an accident victim settle their case for less than it is worth.

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, don’t try to settle the case yourself and cost yourself medical treatment, lost wages and monies for pain and suffering.  Call the Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office immediately to protect all your rights.  The DeSimone Law Office has been handling auto accident cases for over 20 years and will obtain all the money for you that you deserve.

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