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Health Care Liens Hold Up Settlements

The Houston Auto Accident Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office clients as well as all auto accident claimants are required by law to pay out of any settlement all health care providers with statutory liens. Hospitals that treat accident victims within seventy two  hours of an accident will have a stautory lien on any case settlement proceeds. Many times these hospital liens can be reduced throught the expertise of the attorneys at DeSimone Law Office.  Medicare and Medicaid also have statutory liens for any medical expenses that they pay related to an auto accident.  Just obtaining the liens from Medicare and Medicaid are processes that are difficult to master. Once the liens are obtained they have to be checked for accuracy as most times there are non related charges attached to the lien.   These charges must be appealed and taken off the lien so as to not reduce the settlment amount for the client.  Beyond statutory liens are contractual subrogation liens by health care providers.  Health insurance that pays medical expenses related to the car accident will assert its’ contractual lien on the case. They will need to be reimbursed as well. DeSimone Law Office are experts at getting theses liens reduced to improve the settlment for its’ clients.

If you have been involved in an accident and went to the hospital and have unpaid hospital bills or outstanding liens on your case from the entity that paid those bills, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They will make sure these liens are taken care of in a timely manner and are reduced to maximize any settlment on your auto accident case.

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