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Health Insurance & Houston Traffic Accident Medical Expenses

Houston traffic accident medical expenses – DeSimone Law Office

After a car accident, your focus should be on recovery, not on how you will pay for your Houston traffic accident medical expenses.

After a car accident, you should seek medical care for any injuries. However, some people wonder how they will pay their Houston traffic accident medical expenses and how it affects their health insurance. Legally, the at-fault driver’s car insurance should pay for your Houston traffic accident medical expenses. However, there are a few things you should know while you wait for a claim settlement or lawsuit judgement. After an accident, talk to an attorney about your medical expenses and your auto insurance claim.

Should I Use Health Insurance or My Car Insurance for Houston Traffic Accident Medical Expenses?

When seeking care for car accident injuries, you should follow the same process that you would for any other injury. Generally, this means going into a healthcare facility and providing your health insurance information. You will also pay your co-pay or deductible and receive the car you need from a doctor. Many people ask their Houston traffic accident lawyer why they would use their own health insurance. Additionally, they wonder if this will hurt their claim later on.

While it’s ultimately the responsibility of the negligent driver’s auto insurance to pay for your Houston traffic accident medical expenses, you’ll need to seek immediate medical care for your injuries. This is why it’s usually best to use your health insurance for auto accident injuries.

Medical Insurance Pays for Houston Traffic Accident Medical Expenses While You Wait for Settlement

Settling your third-party auto insurance claim or winning your Houston auto accident lawsuit can take some time. This is especially true because in most cases you should wait to send your demand letter until after you’ve recovered or reached maximum medical improvement. This can take weeks or even months. Therefore, there’s generally a period of time between seeing your doctor and receiving compensation after an accident.

Using your health insurance for your injuries can help you receive the medical care you need while you wait for your settlement or court case to be resolved. Otherwise, you could be on the line for the total costs of your care. Choosing not to pay those bills will likely result in them going to collections. This can negatively impact your personal credit score. Therefore, it’s best to use your health insurance coverage and address bills as you receive them.

Health Insurance Covers Medical Costs Over the Other Driver’s Policy Limits

Additionally, the other driver’s policy limits may not pay all your medical expenses. Texas drivers are only required to carry a $30,000 liability for each person in an accident (or $60,000 per accident). The negligent driver’s auto insurance will only ever pay maximum coverage amounts. Therefore, if your medical care exceeds this amount, you could be on the hook for the rest of your bills. This either comes out of your pocket or requires you to sue the driver for additional compensation. However, your medical insurance will kick in after all other forms of payment, like your claim settlement. Therefore, even if your bills go over policy amounts, you can still receive the care you need to recover.

Health Insurance Gets Discounts for your Houston Traffic Accident Medical Expenses

Also, your medical insurance enjoys certain perks that you as an individual won’t. Health insurance companies usually have pre-negotiated deals with healthcare providers. This means that they often get substantial discounts on the total bill amount. For example, say you need surgery and it costs $10,000. Without your health insurance, you would be billed for the total amount. However, your medical insurance can often negotiate these costs down significantly.

No Health Insurance?

What if you don’t have health insurance? Even if you don’t, you should still seek medical care after a car accident to help prevent long-term health effects. Your doctor can help you determine if you have any injuries related to the car accident.

You will still be responsible for paying the bills until after you receive your settlement, as your provider won’t bill the other person’s auto insurance. However, there are many options to help you receive the care you need. In these circumstances, many people look for healthcare providers who will defer your bills until after your auto accident settlement. However, our firm covers your medical expenses until we win your case, so you don’t have to go through that hassle.

What Happens After a Settlement or Houston Auto Accident Lawsuit Judgement?

As soon as possible after a car accident, you should start the claims process and talk to your Houston traffic accident lawyer. They’ll help you keep track of all your accident-related bills so you can outline the medical treatment you needed due to the accident. You should also keep track of any deductibles or copays. These bills and records will help them draft the demand letter to the other driver’s insurance company, which is a letter that lists your damages and the amount of compensation you’re asking for.

If you used health insurance for your injuries, then your medical insurance company may put a lien on your settlement from the negligent driver’s car insurance. This means that part of your auto claim settlement will go toward your health insurance provider for your Houston traffic accident medical expenses. If anything remains from the settlement, then you receive what’s left over to reimburse you for co-pay or deductible expenses as well as any other expenses from the accident.

However, in other cases you may receive the entire settlement amount and then must reimburse your health insurance for their expenses related to your accident. This is called a subrogation amount. After you receive your settlement, then you’ll need to pay your health insurance this amount to repay what they paid for your medical expenses due to another driver’s negligence.

At DeSimone Law Office, we’re here for you during a car accident claim or Houston auto accident lawsuit. Our professionals have settled thousands of car accident cases. We even take care of your out of pocket expenses and medical costs until we help you win your case. Call our team at (713) 526-0900 or fill out our free case evaluation form today. At DeSimone Law Office, we are here to fight for your rights.

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