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Hidden Costs of Houston Auto Accidents

Houston Accident Injury AttorneyWhile repairs and medical expenses are among the most common expenses resulting from a serious auto accident, other costs may not be immediately obvious. Your Houston accident injury attorney will help you to determine if these added costs are applicable to your situation. Your accident lawyer will also work with you throughout the aftermath of your accident to promote the best possible solutions for your needs. Here are some of the most important expenses to watch out for after an auto accident.

Time Lost From Work

Even if your injuries are relatively minor, you will still need to see a doctor and to take time out of your schedule to consult with your Houston auto accident attorney. The time lost to these activities can add up to serious financial issues for you and your family. Making sure these expenses are covered in your Houston auto accident lawsuit or insurance claim is absolutely essential to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Your family members may also lose time from work and wages because of your injury. Working with an experienced Houston accident injury attorney is a great way to ensure that you receive the support you need.

Long-Term Care

Rehabilitation costs and help with daily activities during your recovery period can add up to significant financial burdens for some families. If you need long-term care after an auto accident, working with your attorney is the best way to obtain the financial support you need to deal with these issues in a proactive manner.

Rental Vehicles

If your family must rent a vehicle while your own car or truck is being repaired, your auto accident attorney will typically be able to recover the amount you pay for these services. In some cases, the insurance of the other driver will offer a specific amount for rental costs that will cover at least a portion of your overall rental expenses.

Towing Expenses

After an accident that renders you unable to drive or leaves your vehicle in an undrivable condition, you may incur towing expenses. These costs should be included in your claim with the insurance adjuster or in your lawsuit to recover compensation for your injuries.

The Houston accident injury attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have the experience needed to help you navigate the legal process after you have been injured. We work with you to determine the most effective approach to your situation and to provide outstanding legal representation for your case. Call us today at 713-526-0900 to schedule a free case evaluation with our team. At DeSimone Law Office, we want to be your attorneys for life.

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