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Houston Auto Accident Attorney: Miss & Run Accidents

Car crash into a tree due to miss and run accident, may need Houston auto accident attorney to help get compensation

Talk to your Houston auto accident lawyer if you were injured in a miss and run accident.

While we all would like to drive where we need to go without incident, accidents do happen. In some cases, accident victims may be faced with a lesser-of-two-evils decision due to a negligent driver’s actions. For instance, if a driver pulls out in front of you and you have to choose between getting into a crash with them or swerving and hitting a nearby tree instead. Even though that driver didn’t actually crash with your car, they are still responsible for the accident. Unfortunately, they often drive away despite this fact. These cases are known as miss and run accidents and can be incredibly difficult to get compensation for, so it’s essential to work with an experienced Houston auto accident attorney if you were injured in a miss and run accident.

Ask Your Houston Auto Accident Attorney About Miss and Run Accidents

If you were involved in a miss and run accident, talk to your Houston auto accident attorney as soon as possible. These cases are often similar to hit and run cases, but can be even more complex. Having an attorney with personal injury law acumen on your side can help you seek compensation for your damages and injuries. 

Your lawyer can help you in many ways with your case. For instance, they can help you investigate the accident and understand what options you have for seeking compensation. They can also help you determine a fair amount for your accident-related damages. 

What are Miss and Run Accidents?

Miss and run accidents are a serious issue for innocent drivers. Miss and run drivers generally involve phantom vehicles driven by negligent drivers. These drivers are the true cause of your crash, but often leave without a mark on them because they never directly come into contact with you or your car. 

There are many common examples of miss and run accidents. One example is a driver who drifts into your lane where you swerve to avoid a collision and end up hitting another car or object. Another is when a driver unnecessarily brakes, causing you to suddenly stop and get into a crash with the driver behind you. In more sinister cases, these may even be road rage incidents, like drivers purposefully driving you off the road because they’re angry with you. Unfortunately, in many of these cases the drivers don’t stop to see if you’re okay or take responsibility for the accident. These are also commonly known as phantom vehicles.

What are Phantom Vehicles?

Phantom vehicles are usually legally defined as vehicles who cause damage, injury, or death without having any physical contact with the victim or their vehicle. As a result, they usually drive away and are gone before you can get many details about them, hence the name “phantom vehicles.” It’s like a ghost is the one who caused your accident because you don’t know who caused it or how to receive compensation from them. If this sounds like your case, contact a Houston auto accident attorney for help to understand what legal options you have.

Why Don’t Phantom Vehicle Drivers Stop?

So, why don’t drivers of phantom vehicles stop after they cause an accident? There may be many reasons for this. 

One is that they’re concerned about the legal implications of stopping after they cause a crash. The unfortunate truth is that many of these cases are due to reckless behaviors like distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, or drowsy driving. Some are even due to road rage. All these can result in not only liability for your injuries and damages, but also criminal charges. Some even avoid stopping because they don’t have insurance. 

Another common reason is that the driver doesn’t realize they need to stop. Distracted drivers may not even realize they caused your crash. Other times, drivers don’t think they need to stop, since they didn’t directly hit you. Of course, this is incorrect, as legally they should stop after they cause an accident, but many will just drive on by. 

Work with Your Houston Auto Accident Attorney to Get Compensation After a Miss and Run Accident

As you can probably guess, getting compensation after a miss and run accident can be incredibly difficult. That’s why it helps to have a Houston car crash lawyer on your side to help you through the process. There are several things to note about miss and run accidents and getting compensation for them. Your attorney helps at each step of the process to help protect your rights and fight for you to get fair compensation.

You Often Need a Police Report

One thing it’s important to know is that you should call the police after any miss and run accident. Remember, it’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident, whether that driver has damage on their car or not. Also, many insurance companies require additional evidence beyond just your statement of what happened before your accident. Therefore, getting a police report may help with your Houston car accident insurance claim

So, call the police to report the miss and run accident. Tell them everything you can about the events of the accident as well as the phantom vehicle. This includes things like car color, car make, partial or full license plate numbers, as well as identifying marks like scratches, dents, or bumper stickers. If you saw the driver, also give a physical description of them as well. The more details you provide, the better, as it can help with the investigation of your crash. This report can also help your Houston auto accident attorney with your case in many ways.

Your Houston Auto Accident Attorney May be Able to Help You Find the At Fault Driver

After your accident, your Houston auto accident attorney will help you conduct a thorough investigation of the accident. This might include things like talking to crash witnesses and finding camera footage of your accident from traffic cameras or nearby security cameras. In some cases, these investigations can actually help identify the driver and bring them to justice. If you do find the driver and they have insurance, then you and your attorney can file a Houston car accident insurance claim against their auto insurance policy and seek compensation the way you normally would after an accident. Since they left the scene of the crime, you may even be able to get additional compensation in the form of punitive damages.

Your Houston Auto Accident Attorney can Help You File a Claim with Your Own Insurance

If you can’t find the driver of the phantom vehicle for your miss and run case, then you can often file a claim through your own auto insurance policy under the uninsured motorist coverage if you have it. This type of coverage helps you get compensation after an accident if the other driver doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t stick around to provide it to you, like in the case with hit and run and miss and run accidents. Keep in mind that you should still have your Houston auto accident attorney help with your case, though. Your insurance company wants to profit just as much as any other, so they may try to pay you less than your claim is worth. Your lawyer can help negotiate a fair settlement for you.

Top Houston Car Crash Attorney – DeSimone Law Office

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