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Understanding the Houston Auto Accident Points System for Traffic Violations

You will face hefty bills if you find yourself in the middle of a Houston auto accident. Increases in your insurance rates and point deductions from your driver’s license, for instance. Use this guide to understand the point system put in place by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Possible penalties for moving violations and accidents can help you to avoid the most serious outcome.

How Do Points Work?

The points system used in Texas is straightforward. Drivers are given two points for moving violations and three points for violations that cause accidents. These points remain on your driving record for three years. It is possible that an additional charge will be added to retain your Texas driver’s license if you earn enough points in a three-year period. The amount of the charge goes up as the number of points against your driver’s license increases. Your license typically will not result in points being added because of minor traffic issues.

Consequences of Points on Your License

Your driving privileges can be taken away in the state of Texas if you are involved in four or more moving violations in 12 months or seven or more violations in 24 months. Driving under the influence and driving while intoxicated charges, however, may result in the loss of driver’s license benefits. The charge for up to six points can be as much as $100 with an additional $25 for each additional point on your license during a calendar year. Hiring the professional services of a Houston vehicle accident lawyers can often help these drivers avoid the negative end result of many traffic violations.

Your Insurance Rates Could Rise

Insurance companies may track the points added to your driver’s license to decide the price you pay for car insurance coverage. One ticket will not have a big impact on your monthly rates. However, your insurance company will for sure notice repeat offenders. This will likely result in higher costs for you. Many crashes under your belt will make it hard to find insurance coverage from a big name insurer. For those who cannot obtain insurance through common sources, the Texas Automobile Insurance Plan Association offers different insurance options.

The best way to avoid financial and legal consequences is to drive carefully and follow all traffic rules. Involved in an accident? Houston car crash attorneys will often provide legal support. Avoid points added points to your driver’s license and the bad outcomes that come along with it.

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