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Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys on Medical Expenses

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have many clients that have been injured in a traffic accident and are immediately taken to a hospital.  Many of our clients do not have health insurance and shortly thereafter the medical expenses begin to show up in the form of collection  letters in the mail. Soon after that the bill collectors start to call.  Insurance companies for at fault parties will not pay these bills as they come in.  They will tell a claimant when you are done treating we will pay the expenses then as part of a final settlement of all claims.  This tactic is designed to force a claimant to cut their treatment for injuries short so that they can pay bills that are coming in that will ruin their credit or cause them to be sued.  By the insurance company forcing a claimant to settle their case early the insurance company not only saves itself the medical expenses it should be paying but also saves on monies for pain and suffering.  Monies for pain ans suffering awarded by a jury are directly proportional to the amount of the medical bills. Cut the amount of the medical bills and the insurance company has cut their exposure to monies for pain and suffering. Finally claimants with no health insurance have no way to pay for medical expenses in the future.  When a claimant asks the insurance company to pay for a doctor once again the insurance company will tell the claimant they will not pay for any medical expenses unless the client is settling the case and foregoing any claims in the future.

If you have been a victim of a car accident and have unpaid medical expenses or need further treatment and no way to pay for it, don’t let the insurance company bully you into settling your claim before you are well.  Contact the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They will hold your medical expense creditors at bay while you get well.  They will also make sure you get all the medical treatment you are entitled to even if you have no health insurance or any other way to pay your medical expenses.

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