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Houston Head On Collisions & Wrong Way Drivers

wrong way sign on road to help prevent Houston head on collisions

Wrong way drivers may cause serious Houston head on collisions and leave victims with major injuries and high medical costs.

Houston head on collisions can be devastating. These crashes are often caused by wrong way drivers. The worst part? These types of crashes are increasing according to recent data. These accidents can cause serious injuries or even death. Because of this, victims may be left with high expenses and permanent life changes. In this article, we’ll discuss head on collisions caused by wrong way drivers, some tips if you do find yourself staring down a wrong-way driver’s headlights, and what to do after a crash with a wrong way driver. 

Wrong Way Drivers can Cause Serious Houston Head On Collisions

The problem with wrong way driver crashes is that they can cause serious damage. This is because wrong way driving typically causes Houston head on collisions, which create a significant amount of force during impact. This often translates to totaled vehicles and major injuries or even death for those involved. While wrong way crashes are relatively rare compared to your average fender bender, they have a higher chance of causing severe injuries or death.

Texas is the Worst State for Wrong Way Driver Crashes

According to a report from AAA, Texas leads the nation in fatal wrong way driver crashes. The research shows that Texas had an average of more than 67 fatalities each year due to wrong way crashes between 2015 and 2018. The data also shows that those numbers are on the rise. Many of these crashes occur in metro areas like Houston, DFW, and San Antonio. 

Therefore, wrong way drivers are a serious issue for Houstonians and Texans as a group. In fact, last year the Texas Department of Transportation installed wrong way driver detection devices throughout Houston to help combat the problem. These systems detect when a car drives the wrong way and alerts authorities in the hopes of stopping them before they hurt other drivers. 

According to Click 2 Houston, there are several areas that see a number of wrong way driver crashes, including:

  • Exit ramp onto Pierce St.
  • Exit ramp onto Bagby St.
  • Exit ramp onto Jefferson St.
  • Exit ramp to Dallas St. & Heiner St.
  • Exit ramp to McKinney St.
  • Exit ramp to Quitman St. & White Oak Dr.
  • Elgin St. & Tuam St. exit ramp
  • Chenevert St. exit ramp
  • Exit ramp to Louisiana St.
  • Exit ramp to Travis St.
  • Exit ramp to Richmond Rd.
  • Exit ramp to Main St. 
  • Exit ramp to Greenbriar Dr. & Shepherd Dr.
  • Exit ramp to Kirby Dr. 
  • Exit ramp to Edloe St. & Buffalo Speedway
  • Exit ramp to Weslayan St.

The morning hours, especially between 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM were the worst for wrong way Houston head on collisions. 

Factors that Increase the Risk of Wrong Way Houston Head On Collisions

The research from AAA also identified some key risk factors for wrong way crashes. They found that wrong way drivers were more likely to be intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, older in age, and driving without a passenger. The majority of these accidents involved alcohol, with 6 in 10 involving a driver who had a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher. However, older drivers between 75 and 79 years old or older also had a higher risk of causing a wrong way crash. Driving alone was a surprising finding, but the researchers believed this was because passengers usually warn wrong way drivers before they caused an accident. 

Preventing Houston Head On Collisions with Wrong Way Drivers

In many cases, Houston head on collisions from a wrong way driver are unavoidable. However, there are some things you can do to try to avoid them if you find yourself in a situation where you’re close to a wrong way driver. A driving instructor who talked to ABC 13 last year gave a few tips for what to do if you’re on a crash path with a wrong way driver. The driving instructor advised to hit the brakes and slow down. This can help reduce the force of impact. Next, he said to veer to the right, even if there is another car there, to avoid a head on collision. 

If you successfully avoided a crash with a wrong way driver, it’s best to pull over on the right lane to call 911. It’s important to report the driver as soon as possible, as they are an immediate threat to everyone on the road. Try to give the dispatcher as much information as you can, such as:

  • Car description
  • License plate number
  • Approximate location

Common Injuries from Houston Head On Collisions

Unfortunately, if you do get into a crash with a wrong way driver, then you may face serious injuries. Because of the amount of force involved with these types of crashes, victims may face even permanent and life-altering injuries. A report from Texas A&M found that approximately 50% of wrong way driver crashes resulted in incapacitating injuries or death.

Some common injuries after a head on collision include:

  • Traumatic brain injury: TBIs can cause long-term effects like headaches, memory loss, vision problems, dizziness, and many other issues. 
  • Spinal injuries: Spinal cord injuries can lead to major issues like paralysis and may also cause other issues like chronic pain, osteoporosis, and higher risk for bladder infections and kidney stones.
  • Chest injuries: In a car accident, you may experience trauma to the chest that can cause issues like broken ribs or even damage vital organs like the lungs, esophagus, and heart. 
  • PTSD: Post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of psychological injury that can occur after any traumatic event, including a car accident. Many people with PTSD relive the accident on a regular basis and face high levels of anxiety driving or riding in cars. 

Because injuries from wrong way driver Houston head on collisions can be so severe, victims often face large medical expenses. This can drive up the value of your case and may make your claim more complex. 

Building a Case for Wrong Way Driver Houston Head On Collisions

After a head on collision with a wrong way driver, it’s important to take the same steps you would with any other car accident. The first priority is to make sure everyone is okay and get medical attention if needed. Then, you need to contact the authorities to make a report of the accident. If you’re able, it also helps to gather evidence at the scene, such as pictures of the damage, contact information from witnesses, and so on. You will also need to exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. Finally, call your Houston auto personal injury attorney for help. The earlier you involve your lawyer, the earlier they can start helping you build your case against the other driver. They can also handle many of the stressors of dealing with insurance adjusters as you focus on recovering from the accident. 

It’s important to remember that, as the victim, you must provide evidence of the other driver’s fault to get compensation for your damages and injuries. In addition, you must show proof for the amount you ask for from the at-fault party. Your attorney offers experienced legal advice and services to help you build a strong case against the wrong way driver.

Challenges for Wrong Way Driver Crash Cases & Why to Hire a Houston Auto Personal Injury Attorney

One of the biggest challenges of fighting a wrong way driver case is the amount you seek compensation for. Because Houston head on collisions can be so damaging, this means you may be seeking a large settlement amount to pay for your medical expenses, property damage costs, as well as non-economic damages like your pain and suffering after the crash. 

However, insurance companies attempt to pay as little as possible for every claim. That means it may be an uphill battle to settle for a fair amount with the insurance company. In many cases, policy maximums may also be too low to cover your expenses. For reference, the minimum auto insurance coverage amount in Texas is $30,000 for injuries per person, a total of $60,000 per accident for injuries, and $25,000 for property damage. While some people have more coverage, many do not. If these numbers won’t cover your expenses after an accident, you may need to explore other options for additional compensation. 

Because of these challenges, it helps to hire a Houston auto accidents attorney for help. Your attorney understands the law and can help you put a fair value on your case. They can also negotiate with insurance adjusters, look for other sources of compensation for your accident. If need be, your lawyer will fight in court for your case. They are your resource for seeking compensation after your car accident. 

DeSimone Law Office – Experienced Houston Auto Accidents Attorney

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