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Will an Auto Insurance Settlement Cover Chiropractic Care?

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After an accident, many people notice neck and back pain that they seek chiropractic care for. However, talk to your Houston traffic accident lawyer about how this may affect your insurance claim or case.

A common question your Houston traffic accident lawyer hears is whether insurance settlements will pay for chiropractic treatments. Many of our clients seek help from their chiropractors for neck and back pain after a car accident. However, these bills can become quite high and frequent, which is why many ask their Houston traffic accident lawyer about compensation for these expenses. While it can be difficult to get the insurance company to cough up the compensation you deserve, your attorney is here to help you with your auto injury claim.

Your Houston Traffic Accident Lawyer Will Help You Gather Evidence for Your Claim

When your Houston traffic accident lawyer helps you with your claim, they will gather records of your expenses and the evidence you need to submit to the auto insurance company. This may include records from your chiropractor. It’s especially important to obtain your chiropractor’s records and ensure that they are clear and specific. For example, your chiropractic records should list your symptoms and their severity. They should also list the specific treatment for each symptom. Additionally, each bill should have a date and an itemized cost break-down for each treatment. Therefore, when seeking chiropractic care after a car accident, you may need to make sure your chiropractor is aware of these specific needs so you can submit these records in your insurance claim.

What can my Houston traffic accident lawyer do if my chiropractic records aren’t detailed?

Vague or incomplete records may hurt your case. If need be, your Houston auto accident attorney may need them to write a statement. This statement will go along with their records as evidence for the medical necessity of your chiropractic treatments. For example, insurance adjusters often want to see a specific list of symptoms, the treatment the chiropractor provided, as well as an itemized bill for each treatment. After your Houston accident injury attorney has submitted these documents, they will then help you negotiate with the insurance adjuster to help you determine a fair settlement amount.

What is reasonable and necessary medical care?

The key here is that you and your attorney will need to show that your chiropractic care was medically reasonable and necessary. For example, bruises and scrapes on your skin usually aren’t best treated by a chiropractor. This would make a visit to a chiropractor unnecessary. By contrast, many people visit a chiropractor after a soft tissue injury like whiplash.

This is why your Houston traffic accident lawyer will need detailed records from your chiropractor. This can help prove evidence of medical necessity in your insurance claim. Additionally, having these thorough records can help your attorney determine the damages your claim should include.

How Insurance Companies Try to Use Your Chiropractic Treatment to Undervalue Your Claim

Unfortunately, many insurance adjusters will try to minimize your auto injury claim using chiropractic care. In many cases, an insurance company may argue about whether your chiropractic care was medically necessary. That is why your Houston traffic accident lawyer will help you gather specific and detailed records. These can help show the adjuster that your treatments did help your injuries after a car crash.

Why will the insurance adjuster need to know specific symptoms and treatments?

The most important thing to remember during the claim process is that the insurance adjuster isn’t on your side. They are trying to keep profits high for the insurance company. In some cases, this means settling rather than risking a loss in court. This also often includes trying to devalue your claim. A common argument from insurance companies is that you’re exaggerating your injuries or that your injuries weren’t specifically caused by the car accident.

Unless you and your Houston traffic accident attorney can provide evidence that your injuries were directly related to the car crash, it can be difficult to receive compensation for medical care. For example, they may insist that your neck pain might be from something completely different. That’s why it’s important to seek medical care as soon as possible after the accident and ensure your medical professional, whether your doctor or your chiropractor, specifically notes that your injuries are from your car accident.

What else might the adjuster do to try to avoid paying for my chiropractic bills after a car crash?

However, the auto insurance adjuster may try to avoid paying for chiropractic care because they are considered different than medical doctors. While your chiropractor must have gone through extensive education, they have a different license to practice chiropractic care. It’s somewhat similar to other professionals like dentists or psychologists. For example, chiropractors can’t prescribe medication. Therefore, an adjuster may argue against compensating you for chiropractor bills.

Unfortunately, getting an insurance adjuster to agree to a settlement that covers all your chiropractic bills as well as your other damages and expenses can be difficult. It can feel like an uphill battle when you’re dealing with the insurance claim on your own. That’s why it’s important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to start off on the right foot and have someone there to advocate and negotiate on your behalf. In cases where the insurance company refuses to pay for your chiropractor bills, you may decide to fight in court for the compensation you deserve. Your Houston traffic accident lawyer will represent your rights to help you receive the compensation you need after an accident.

At DeSimone Law Office, our skilled legal professionals are here to help you after an accident. We help you submit your claim and represent you throughout the process. We’ll even handle your out of pocket costs until we win your case. If we can’t recover the damages for your accident claim, then we ask for nothing payment wise. Choose our experienced attorneys to represent you after a car accident. Call us today at (713) 526-0900 to discuss your case with one of our attorneys for free. At DeSimone Law Office, we are in your corner after a car crash.

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