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What If My Accident Injuries Don’t Show Up Immediately?

Houston Auto Injury AttorneyA Houston auto injury attorney is your best weapon when trying to claim compensation for injuries with delayed onset. You may feel mentally rattled but otherwise injury-free at the scene of an auto accident, but you may later develop chronic pain, stiffness, swelling and other symptoms of injury. Your symptoms may set in hours after the accident. You may wake up stiff and unable to move the next day. Other injuries may take weeks, months or possibly years to manifest. 

Why Does It Take Time to Feel Your Symptoms?

You may not feel the full impact of an auto accident simply because your adrenaline is pumping and your body is in a defensive state immediately following the crash. Your system produces endorphins and adrenaline to fuel your body through an intense situation that may require a fight-or-flight response. You may not feel the full impact of your injuries until the adrenaline and endorphins wear off.

Delayed onset can also occur when your injuries impact soft tissues like muscles, nerves, ligaments, fascia and tendons. Soft tissue injuries range from extensive bruising, swelling and stiffness to whiplash, reduced mobility and chronic pain. Many of these injuries won’t show up on x-rays, so you can’t rule them out even if a doctor clears you immediately after the accident.

Most doctors will check you for a concussion after a car accident, but it’s an easy diagnosis to miss if symptoms aren’t yet showing. If you notice an increase in headaches, reduced ability to focus, blurry vision, dizziness or other unexplained symptoms after an accident, you should have another evaluation for a possible concussion.

Don’t Skip the Medical Evaluation

You should see your doctor for a thorough evaluation or go to the emergency room soon after your accident. Even if you aren’t feeling any symptoms at that time, your Houston auto accidents attorney can use that medical documentation to fight for the compensation you deserve later. You don’t know if you will later experience painful symptoms, so think of that medical evaluation as a form of self-protection just in case. 

How Your Houston Accident Injury Attorney Can Help

An experienced Houston accident injury attorney will help you secure the proper paperwork and file the right claims and legal motions to receive compensation for your delayed-onset injuries. Even if you think you’re beyond the legal time frame to make a claim or you have already received a settlement, your Houston auto injury attorney may still help you secure additional compensation.

Contact the DeSimone Law Office at 713-526-0900 if you’re suffering from injuries that didn’t show up immediately after your auto accident. We look forward to serving as your Houston auto injury attorney.

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