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Insurance Companies Try to Force Settlements

The Houston Accident Attorneys of DeSimone Law Office talk to many potential injury clients  from traffic accidents who insurance companies try to financially squeeze in to taking settlements that are unfair.  It starts when a client’s car is damaged and towed to a storage lot.  The insurance company will tell the claimant that they better move their car out of storage while the insurance company conducts their investigation at a snail’s speed.  Most clients cannot afford to get the car out of storage or have a place to take it even if they did. Furthermore the insurance company for the responsible party will not provide transportaion for the injured claimant.  The car accident victim is told go ahead and rent a car on your own(if you have the resources to do it), and maybe at sometime in the future we will reimburse you.  Now the injured claimant has no transportation for the forseeable future and is in considerable pain with no way to pay for a doctor with 30 percent of the people in Texas not having health insurance.  On top of that the medical expenses from the hospital trip start to come in with collection notices. The injured party has no way to pay for needed future medical expenses either. The injured party now has to worry about their credit rating being ruined. The injured party also may be missing time at work because he is too injured to work resulting in lost wages or job loss.  Now the insurance company calls finally and says we agree to pay and will offer a nominal sum to the injured party to settle his personal injury claim.  They know the injured party is likely to be financially desperate at this time and likely to accept an unfair settlment just so they can pay the electric bill or mortgage.

If you have been injured in a car accident and are in the situation described above, don’t settle for the insuance company for a pittance just to pay a bill.  Call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office now.  They will make sure you get the transportation and medical care you need immediately.  They will fight the insurance company to pay your claim as quickly as possible for an amount that is fair and reasonable.

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