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Insurance Company Tactics Designed to Break Common Folk

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office receive many calls from potential clients who have had a car accident and state that they are trying to handled the claim themselves but the insurance company of the at fault party is not treating them right.  They will state that the insurance company has not agreed to pay for their property damages or personal injuries because they are still investigating the claim.  It is not uncommon for the potential client to state that the insurance company says they cannot get in touch with their insured to get a statement about how the accident happened.  This same insurance company does not seen to have any trouble getting in touch with their insured when it comes time to collect their monthly or quarterly insurance payment. Then if the insurance company has talked to their insured they will often state to the potential client that they need to see a police report before they can make a decison as to who they believe to be at fault.  It can take anywhere from seven to ten business days for a police report to be available and sometimes longer if it is turned back to the reporting officer for corrections.  Potential clients seem surprised that an insurance company would delay paying a valid insurance claim for no apparent valid reason.  Could it be that the other party’s insurance company is delaying payment in order to make the potential claimant’s claim worth less money or attempting to discourage the potential claimant from pursuing a claim at all?  Of course they could and do.  Another party’s insurance company is not there to hand out money to aggrieved parties no matter how much they owe them.  Their interest is their bottom line which is at odds with the interests of any of the potential clients that call DeSimoneLaw Office. This reality should not come as a shock to anyone but always does. In the next few weeks we will explore further more tactics insurance companies use to lower the value of claims they pay out and what the attorneys at DeSimone Law Office can do to assist these potential clients.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, and the insurance company is stalling on paying you for your claim, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They will prevent the insurance company from treating you in this manner.

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