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Insurance Policy Limits Part 2

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys of DeSimone Law Office last week started a discussion of how insurance policy limits can affect personal injury and property recoveries on traffic accident cases. Last week, we showed how insurance limts could affect the amount of recovery for your automobile.  A lot more money can be lost on personal injury claims where an injured party’s medical expenses can exceed a negligent party’s policy limits.

Most persons driving on Texas roads in automobiles have a standard minimum limits liability policy to cover themselves for damages caused by their negligence in car accidents.  In Texas, that means that the most one injured party can be paid for all of his personal injuries including medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering is 30,000 dollars. The most a total number of more than one claimant can obtain is 60,000 dollars. That means if five people all had serious injuries from the same accident they would be forced to split up the 60,000 between them if their total claims were that amount or greater.  The 30,000 limit for  a claim is not much money at all for an accident where there are serious injuries. Chances are the medical expenses would be more than the insurance policy limits, leaving the injured party with his medical bills only partially paid and no compensation for any lost wages or pain and suffering. What can be done to protect ourselves from this outcome? We will discuss that next week.

If you have been involved in an accident where policy limits are an issue, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  We will handle your case and make sure you get the monies to which you are entitled to.

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