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Common Deceitful Tricks Insurance Companies Use

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Talk to your Houston car crash attorney about common tactics insurance adjusters use to get out of paying you what you’re owed after a car accident.

After an accident, it’s important to call your Houston car crash attorney. Insurance companies often use several tactics in order to avoid compensating you what you’re owed after a car accident. Therefore, talk to your Houston car crash attorney about the proper next steps. Your attorney can give you advice on how to deal with the other person’s insurance company. Here are some common tricks insurance adjusters use to undermine your claim.

Some Adjusters Try to Get Your Statement Before You Have a Chance to Talk to Your Houston Car Crash Attorney

Oftentimes, insurance adjusters will try to get your statement before you have a chance to talk to your Houston traffic accident lawyer. In many cases, the insurance company will call you immediately after a crash. The goal is to catch you off guard. Many times, people who give a statement immediately after an accident without talking to their Houston car crash attorney will say things that can affect their case. For example, many injuries can take a few days or even weeks to appear after an accident.

By calling you right after a crash, they are hoping you’ll say that you are fine and uninjured when you very well could be. Immediately after an accident, your adrenaline may be high and you may not know the extent of your injuries. Therefore, your Houston car crash attorney recommends holding off on giving a statement until you receive medical care and legal counsel. This will help you protect your rights after an accident.

Insurance Companies Often Blame Injuries on You or Claim You’re Exaggerating

In addition, adjusters often try to blame your injuries on other causes or accuse you of exaggerating.  For example, if you have ever dealt with an injury in that area before, an insurance company may argue that the accident isn’t to blame. This is a common tactic that your Houston car crash attorney sees insurance companies use. Unfortunately, all too many victims fall prey to these insurance company tricks. Therefore, it’s important to have a Houston car injury attorney that will fight for your rights.

Additionally, some adjusters may tell you that the accident couldn’t have caused that type or extent of damage to your body. They often state that it’s impossible for minor impacts to create long-lasting injuries. However, this is not true, and they often know that. Most of the time, this is to try to scare you away from making a claim and make you doubt whether you’re entitled to compensation. However, your Houston traffic accident lawyer can help you fight the insurance company for your injuries and related expenses.

Finally, insurance companies often search accident victims’ social media for things they can use against the victim. For example, they may look for pictures of you vacationing or working out after a crash. Oftentimes, they use this to argue you are not as hurt as you say if you’re able to take part in enjoyable activities. Therefore, consult your Houston car crash attorney about these deceitful tricks and how you can avoid them in your claim.

At DeSimone Law Office, we know how to help you during your car accident claim. Our team has been helping our clients settle disputes for over 20 years. We specialize in traffic accidents and personal injury claims to help you receive the compensation you need after a crash. Call us today at (713) 526-0900 to speak to an attorney directly for a free legal consultation. We are here to serve you.

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