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Is the Back Seat More Dangerous than the Front Seat in a Traffic Accident?

Auto Accident AttorneyFrom 1996 to 2006, the number of fatalities for children under the age of 13 sitting in the front seat of a vehicle involved in an accident declined by more than 60 percent. That is partly due to intense social campaigns urging parents and caregivers to seat children in the back with the proper restraint systems, but technological advances designed to protect front-seat passengers also contributed. These features protect adults as well as children, so you may have less need for a Houston car injury attorney if you drive a vehicle with updated seat belts, air bags and other safety features. 

The Wave of Safety Technology

The days of selecting a new vehicle based on price, color and design alone are over. Drivers today can compare vehicles based on miles per gallon, safety ratings and advanced safety features. Competition among auto makers has shifted as the race to reduce fatalities for front-seat passengers escalates. Seat belts and air bags started the movement, but consumers now have access to rear cameras, automatic braking systems, blind spot detection features and lane departure warnings.

In-vehicle safety features have lowered the risk of fatality for passengers wearing a seat belt in the front seat of most vehicles reducing the risk of needing a Houston car injury attorney. while driving assistance features help prevent accidents from occurring. Put it all together, and it’s no longer true that sitting in the back seat is the safest option for teenagers and adults.

When a vehicle contains passenger-seat air bags and all passengers wear seat belts, the front seat is often safer than the back seat. There just aren’t as many safety features protecting the back seat, so you’re more likely to suffer a Houston auto personal injury when sitting in the back seat during an accident.

Seat Belt Patterns

There’s another reason that front seat passengers are often safer than backseat passengers today. Teenagers and adults are more likely to wear their seat belts when sitting in the front. They may worry about getting pulled over if a police officer notices that they aren’t wearing a seat belt in the front, or they may simply believe that they’re in more danger when sitting in the front.

Teenagers and adults who ride without a seat belt in the back seat are more likely to eject from the vehicle completely if an accident occurs. Ejection significantly increases the risk of a fatality, making the back seat less safe than the front seat due to simple patterns of seat belt usage.

Safety in the Future

The need for Houston auto accidents lawyers may decrease in the future due to the advancement of safety features, but it will take some time for consumers to replace outdated vehicles with modern cars that have these features. Vehicles of the future may even have more safety features designed for backseat passengers, including air bags placed on the sides of vehicles or at knee level.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact a Houston car injury attorney at DeSimone Law Office by calling 713-526-0900 today. Our mission is to help you receive the compensation that you deserve so that one accident doesn’t derail your future.

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