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Large Truck-Involved Crash News

Truck - 18 Wheeler CrashA study from 2013 studied the impact of large trucks accidents and the severity of physical injuries they cause. Statistical data indicates that large trucks have a higher rate of crash involvement than passenger vehicles. Though large trucks accounted for only 4% of vehicles registered within the borders of the United States, making up 8% of vehicle-miles traveled, while representing 11% of vehicle deaths in 2008.
Because daily freight hauling is such an integral moving part to most large, industrial-type companies, big rig or high profile trucks make up an important part of the US economy. Important or not, these large trucks also increase danger to those driving in close proximity and increase the level of injury suffered in altercations with these vehicles, making travel somewhat dangerous at times.  Those injured in wrecks involving large trucks (18 Wheelers / Big Rigs) usually suffer high levels of property damage, massive medical costs due injuries associated with accidents involving these trucks.
The injuries and costs associated with accidents involving large trucks bring to front important questions regarding how we as a society will deal with these ginormous vehicles, how to regulate them, and how to keep our roads safe as they logistically move freight from one side of the US to the other, or just across town.
If you are injured in 18 Wheeler accident or if you suffer property damage, call an vehicle or auto accident lawyer, like Ronald DeSimone, Houston attorney.
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