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Lawsuits Necessary When Fair Offer Not Made

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have handled thousands of car accident cases over the past twenty three years. Approximately ten percent of those end up not settling or being resolved without a lawsuit.  The reasons a lawsuit would be necessary to resolve a traffic accident claim are either because the negligent party’s insurance company is not offering a fair amount of money to settle a claim or they are offering no money at all because they state that their insured is not at fault for an accident.  Sometimes these failure to pay cases by insurance companies are done in good faith but often times they are not. An insurance company will often make a low offer on an accident claim in the hope that the claimant needs money now and can’t wait on the outcome of a lawsuit to get a fair result.  Low offers are consistently made by some insurance companies on all their insurance  claims in the hopes that when an attorney sees the insurance company name he will not take a new case involving that company because he knows he will not be able to settle the case easily.  A person unrepresented by an attorney is and easy target for a low offer. The insurance company knows that such a person does not have the resources or knowledge to challenge a low offer on their own and will often settle their case for pennies on the dollar.

If you have been in an accident and do not wish to be taken advantage of by an insurance company and their low offer strategy, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office immediately.  They will be able to procure a fair settlement from the insurance company and are ready to file suit at a moment’s notice when they see an insurance company trying to strong arm a client into an unfair settlement.

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