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Liens, Liens Everywhere

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys of  DeSimone Law Office handle many auto accident cases where many hands are in the pot trying to take our clients’ money.  Most of these hands are in the from of  liens, statutory or contractual, which must be paid out of any personal injury settlement.  Any time an injured party is in an accident and goes to a hospital within 3 days of the accident the hospital, any emergency room doctors and any other medical professional that has treated the injured party can file a lien with the county clerk’s office for these medical expenses.  Under the law in the State of Texas these medical providers have to be paid out of any injury settlement.  The problem arises many times in these cases because the hospital bill is many times astronomical and the amount of insurance available for the claim is not. We’ve seen hospital liens that are sometimes more than the insurance policy limits.  These hospital bills are many times what the hospital would charge health insurance.  In other words the hospitals know the law and hope to get many more times for their services out of an injured party’s settlement than they would when being paid by health insurance. Their position is strong. You cannot settle the claim without paying them their exorbitant prices which are well above what is reasonable for their area.   Many claimants are shocked to hear that the hospital wants to get more out of the settlement than they do, and they were the injured party with plenty of lost wages and pain and suffering.  Of course the hospital does not get paid until the injured party agrees to a settlement so the injured party’s attorney, if he is knowledgeable, can negotiate hospital bills down.

If you have been involved in an accident and the medical expenses are pling up, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  They will make sure you get your fair portion of any injury settlement.

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