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Make Sure To Obtain All Witness Information At Accident Scene

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have handled thousands of traffic accident cases over the past 23 years, and one of the most crucial elements of a significant number of personal injury claims is witness testimony.  It all starts at the accident scene.  In most car accidents both drivers are going to have different stories about what happened without either driver admitting fault.  This scenario is especially prevalent in truck accidents where a truck driver’s job is at stake if he is found at fault in a traffic accident.  Most big trucks will not even stop, and if they do stop after an accident, they never admit fault. If an injured party is involved in an accident with any other vehicle, it is imperative that the injured party as soon as he can locate any witnesses to the accident. If two parties to an accident have two different stories and there are no credible witnessees on behalf of either party, then any injured party to the accident will not be able to collect for any of his property or personal injury damages from the other party.  If the injured party locates a witness, it is very important to get as much contact  information on the witness as is possible. Obtaining just a name and phone number can be calamitous if the number ends up being disconnected shortly after the accident, and there is no other identifying information on the witness making it impossible to find the witness. The injured party should try to get a name, address, all phone numbers and if possible the witnesses driver’s license information.  Nest week we will go into further detail as to what happens next.

If you have been in an accident with crucial witness testimony needed, call the attorneys at DeSimone Law Office.  They will make sure the witness information is secured and you collect the money you are entitled to on the case.

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