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Motorcycle Safety for Riders and Drivers

Houston Auto Accidents AttorneyMotorcycles are gas-saving resources that allow riders to feel the wind in their hair while easily maneuvering through traffic or winding through country roads. When warm weather emerges, motorcyclists take to the roads in high numbers. The chance that one of those riders will need a Houston auto accidents attorney increases. Most motorcycle riders are well trained in safety, but they depend on their fellow drivers to keep their safety in mind as well.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

  • Don’t ride alongside a vehicle. Remain aware of potential blind spots and position yourself in a more open driving position.
  • Drive defensively without assuming that your fellow drivers see you. If there’s a chance that a driver could hit you on a curve, while turning or in other circumstances, take extreme caution.
  • Resist weaving in and out of tight lane openings. It’s fun and convenient, but it also increases your risk of an accident and need for a Houston auto accidents attorney. Make sure that you have adequate space to merge into a new lane. Also, try to make eye contact with the driver to ensure that they see you coming in.
  • Obey all traffic laws, including the speed limit. Your motorcycle can pick up speed faster than most cars, and you have more flexibility when weaving around obstacles. You still need to watch your speed and make sure that you aren’t violating laws.
  • Remember to turn your turn signal off after making a turn. Many motorcycles require you to do this manually and leaving it on could confuse drivers around you.
  • If you’re in an accident, call a Houston accident injury attorney right away. That’s the best way to protect your right for compensation.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Car Drivers

  • Remain a least four seconds behind motorcycles at all times. That gives you enough time to stop or swerve if something unexpected happens ahead.
  • Turn your head to look beside your vehicle before switching lanes. Remain aware of your possible blind spots and check them as thoroughly as possible.
  • Use caution when turning or making a U-turn with a motorcycle nearby. Many fatal motorcycle accidents occur when a car attempts a left turn while a motorcyclist continues straight. Keep in mind that motorcyclists are more likely to accidentally leave a turn signal blinking.
  • Never assume that motorcycles aren’t on the road when it’s raining, snowing or simply cold. Motorcycles are more commonly ridden in the warmer months, but they can hit the road at any time.

If you want to discuss Houston auto accident settlements after a motorcycle accident, contact the DeSimone Law Office at any time. A dedicated Houston auto accidents attorney will fight for your interests.

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