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Must-Have Items for Your Vehicle Emergency Kit

In most cases, Houston car crash attorneys can provide the support you need after an accident. If you are stuck in your car for a prolonged period of time, however, you may require a little added help to stay safe and comfortable until help arrives. Automotive experts recommend keeping an emergency kit packed and ready in your vehicle at all times. The items contained in this kit could provide life-saving assistance if you are involved in an accident or are stranded after running off the road. Here are some of the most essential items for your vehicles emergency kit.

Emergency Medical Supplies

First aid supplies are must-haves for your emergency kit. Bandages, aspirin and topical antibiotics can help you deal with minor scrapes, cuts and bruises immediately after a Houston auto accident. Checking the expiration dates and restocking these medical supplies on a regular basis can help you and your family to stay safer on the road.

Food and Water

Crackers, energy bars and other snacks can provide quick energy if you are stranded in your vehicle for a lengthy period of time. More important than food, however, is a supply of fresh bottled water. Scientists estimate that humans can survive for an average of three days without water; making sure you have plenty on hand is vital to your safety after an accident leaves you stranded.

Road Flares

Especially if you plan to drive in rural or remote areas, maintaining a supply of road flares can help increase your visibility at night and in inclement weather. This can sometimes help emergency services personnel to spot your vehicle and to provide you with assistance when you and your family need it most.

Portable Phone Battery Pack

Keeping a spare power pack charged and ready in your vehicle can allow you to use your cell phone to communicate with the authorities and to extricate yourself from dangerous or uncomfortable situations. This can be a real lifesaver if your car breaks down and your car charger is not functional.


A flashlight with working batteries can allow you to signal nearby traffic, increase your visibility and stay safer in the dark. By including this practical item in your emergency kit, you can increase your comfort and your chances of being found quickly after an automotive accident.

Retaining the services of an experienced Houston traffic accident lawyer can help you navigate the legal process more effectively. Just as an emergency road kit can protect you against some of the most serious dangers of driving, your attorney can help you manage the court process to achieve fair compensation for your injuries and losses, allowing you to reach the best possible outcome for your case.


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