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Neck And Back Injuries From Car Wreck Need To Be Dealt With Immedately

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have seen a a laundry list of personal injuries suffered by traffic accident victims through out the past 23 years.  The most common type of injury seen are injuries to the neck and back.  Normally during the time from  immediately after an accident to a few days later a car accident victim will start experiencing pain in their neck and back area.  The victim has suffered a strain in his neck and back muscles that is causing the pain. Victims not familiar with this type of injury will often try to live with the pain  assuming it will go away shortly. They will take some over the counter pain reliever to try and combat the pain and suffering they are going through.  They have been conditioned by the false propaganda of the insurance companies into believing that such injuries are normally made up by accident victims and that taking a hot bath should relieve the pain.  They are even embarrassed to admit such an injury because of the insurance company propaganda.  Most of these accident victims realize after about four to six weeks that they are not getting any better and call DeSimone Law Office for help. While waiting four to six weeks to see a doctor seems reasonable in the real world often times in the legal world it is not.  The insurance companies and their lawyers whose propaganda convinced the accident victim that their injury should heal without medical treatment now will argue to a jury that if a person is really hurt then they would see a doctor immediately and not wait four to six weeks.  Juries who are also brainwashed through the media that neck and back injuries are just made up for monetary gains will often buy this argument and not award the money that they should to compensate the accident victim.

If you have been a car accident and have suffered a neck or back injury, contact the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office immediately.  They will advise you of your rights so that you can get well as quickly as possible and obtain the money to which you are  entitled for your personal injuries.

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