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Neck and Back Injuries More Serious With Radiating Pain

The Houston Auto Accident Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have been handling auto accident claims for over twenty years and in that time 90 percent of the personal injuries we see suffered by injured parties are injuries to the neck and back.  Within 24-48 hours after a car accident a typical accident victim will feel pain in the neck or back area.  Referral to a qualified doctor will result in a program of physcial therapy being set up that will result in 6 to 8 weeks of treatment to heal the injured muscles.  Heat, massage, chiropractic adjustments, ultrasound and electrical stimulation are common treatments.  These treatments generally will work but sometimes the client experiences pain in the neck that radiates into the arms and also tingling or numbness in the fingers and hands. For the low back sometimes the client will have pain radiate form the low back into the legs and also numbness or tingling in the legs or toes.  In both of these instances a MRI is required of the neck or back to detect for what is a probable herniated disc in the neck or back that is impinging on a nerve running along the spine. When this happens a referral to a pain management doctor or orthopedic specialist is required.  Epidural steroid injections have been particularly effective in relieving the pain from a herniated disc.

If you have been in a traffic accident and are suffering with back or neck pain that radiates into your limbs, call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  We will make sure you obtain the proper medical treatment for your injuries and the money to which you are entitled.

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