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Photos Help Your Houston Car Crash Attorney

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After an accident, take pictures of your vehicle from different angles to help your Houston car crash attorney during your case.

After an accident, taking photos can help your Houston car crash attorney with your case. Accident scene pictures help show what happened during the incident and can provide valuable evidence for your insurance claim or lawsuit. Luckily, today most of us have a camera right in our pocket, as most cell phones come with picture and video capabilities. Since photos can be so important for your case, you should always take pictures after an accident if it’s safe to do so. Your Houston car crash attorney has some tips for photographing car accidents for your case:

What Types of Photos Can Help My Houston Car Crash Attorney?

You know you should take pictures, but what kind of pictures may actually help your Houston accident injury attorney make your case? Car accident photos of all different types are especially helpful. Sometimes, even a picture of the sky could help your Houston car crash attorney fight for your right to compensation. Remember to take pictures of your car accident as soon as it is safe. Also be sure to include many different types of pictures for your Houston car crash attorney to look at. This includes taking photos from different angles and distances, with and without flash, and other variables.

Pictures to Take of Your Accident

There are many different photos that may help your case in some way. Some pictures you should take at the scene of your car accident include:

  • Your vehicle from all sides, angles, and distances
  • Other vehicles involved in the crash
  • Any interior damage
  • Your injuries
  • The surrounding area
    • Weather conditions
    • Road conditions
    • Surrounding foliage or objects
    • Skid marks
    • Traffic signs
    • Road debris
    • Broken glass or fallen parts from the accident
    • Damaged objects like road-side signs, trees, or guardrails
  • Important documents for everyone involved in the accident
    • License plates
    • Drivers licenses
    • Insurance documents
    • Registration documents

In addition, you can ask to take pictures of other people who were involved in the accident, such as the other driver and their passengers. This may be especially important if they were also injured during the accident. Also, you may want to ask if you can take pictures of witnesses or first responders at the accident scene. This can help you remember the people involved later.

These car accident pictures can help you and your Houston car crash attorney describe how the accident happened and document your damages from the accident. It may be handy to keep this checklist in your vehicle in case of accidents. This can help you remember even if you’re feeling shaken after a crash.

Video May Also Help Your Houston Car Crash Attorney with Your Case

Also, video recordings may help during the claims process. For example, you can take a long, panning shot of the accident scene if you’re having trouble capturing it all in one still shot. Just remember to move the camera slowly enough to make sure your video is clear. If you have a witness for the accident, it may be easier for them to relate what they saw on video rather than writing it down. If this is the case, ask them to state their name and contact information and then their statement. This way if your Houston car crash attorney has questions later, we can contact them.

Another time you may want to use video after a car accident is if you believe the other driver is impaired in some way. For instance, if you suspect that the other driver was driving under the influence of alcohol, a video might help. Should the other driver engage in erratic behavior or act in some way impaired, a video can record their conduct to help support your claim.

How Many Pictures Should I Take?

You may be thinking that the list above is going to leave you with way too many pictures. However, it’s always better to have more than you think you’ll need. Oftentimes, you can snap a picture that you think won’t be useful and notice small details later that help your case. Therefore, your Houston accident injury attorney recommends taking as many pictures as possible. This way, you can sort through them later and get rid of any that aren’t useful. However, be sure you show all your car accident photos to your attorney before deleting any. You never know what could help your claim or lawsuit.

Generally, you want to take at least three types of shots of the accident: close up, medium shots, and long shots. Try standing approximately five feet away for close ups, ten feet away for medium shots, and twenty feet away for long shots. You will also want all of these from different angles as well. Taking pictures from different angles can help show details that may not be apparent in your other photographs.

In addition, you may also want to take injury pictures throughout your recovery. Many injuries aren’t visible immediately after a car accident. For example, bruises and swelling may take several hours to appear. To help give an accurate visual of your car accident injuries, you may need to take multiple pictures of your injuries in the days and weeks that follow the accident.

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