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Reducing Risks for Bicyclists on Houston Streets and Highways

Houston Accident Injury AttorneyAccording to statistics collected by the Texas Department of Transportation (TDoT), over 16,800 crashes involving bicycles occurred in the Lone Star State between 2010 and 2016. Nearly all of these accidents involved some type of injury to the cyclist involved in the collision. Working with a qualified Houston accident injury attorney is critical to recover damages and compensation for victims of these crashes.

Preventing Accidents Before They Occur

A few simple steps are all that are required to reduce the risk of accidents involving cyclists in our area. For drivers of passenger cars and larger vehicles, taking the time to look around carefully and leave space for bicyclists will prevent sideswipe accidents. Additionally, treating bicycle riders in the same way in which you would treat larger vehicles will prevent collisions that could cause serious harm for bicyclists. The Federal Highway Administration tracks accident statistics and has found that 41 percent of crashes involving pedestrian and bicycles take place at intersections. Taking special care in these areas is essential to promote your safety and reduce the likelihood that you will need the help of a Houston auto accident lawyer.

For cyclists, wearing reflective or bright clothing will help to increase their visibility during morning and evening hours. Making sure that you can be seen is one of the best ways to avoid the need for Houston auto personal injury representation. Another helpful strategy is to wait for acknowledgement or recognition by other drivers when approaching or navigating four-way stops or intersections. This will significantly reduce your chance of becoming another statistic in the Federal Highway Administration reports.

Avoid Common Mistakes

In cases where bicyclists have been found to be at fault, the Federal Highway Administration identified several issues that were responsible for the majority of the accidents. Riding against the flow of traffic, failing to yield to other drivers, failing to stop at stop signs and reckless or unsafe changes in lane were among the most commonly reported reasons for accidents. Regardless of the reason for the accident, calling a Houston accident injury attorney right away is the first step toward resolving issues and obtaining a fair settlement or compensation for your injuries.

DeSimone Law Office is committed to providing the best options for our clients after a serious auto accident. We work with motorcyclists, motor vehicle operators and bicyclists to pursue legal action against those responsible for serious accidents and the injuries and expenses that often accompany these incidents. If you need a qualified and knowledgeable Houston accident injury attorney, call our law firm at 713-526-0900 today to schedule your initial case evaluation with our legal team. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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