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Safety Tips for Avoiding Houston Rear End Collisions

Traffic AccidentMost Houston rear end collisions can be avoided. A few common-sense strategies can help you maintain greater safety on Texas streets and roadways while keeping your insurance premiums as low as possible. Here are some proven tips for avoiding rear end crashes and reducing your risks on the road.

Maintain a Safe Distance

Most driving authorities recommend maintaining a two-second buffer between you and the car or truck in front of you. Depending on your rate of speed, this generally translates into two or three car lengths of space on fast-moving streets or highways. Even in stop-and-go traffic, leaving at least half a car length between you and the car in front of you can allow you to maneuver around the vehicle if it should happen to stall or break down.

Avoid Sudden Stops

Braking suddenly can result in another vehicle striking your car or truck in Houston rear end collisions. While you are unlikely to be found responsible for these incidents, they can cause considerable stress and could result in injuries to you or your passengers. Making sure you give plenty of warning before coming to a complete stop can help other cars avoid colliding with your vehicle.

Plan Your Escape Route

Making sure that you keep your eyes open for potential escape routes can help you deal with vehicles that come to sudden stops ahead of you and those that may be coming up fast from behind. This can help you avoid incidents that could involve injuries, damage to your vehicle and the stress and worry that often accompanies auto accident claims in Houston.

Watch the Road Ahead

Spotting problems early can give you plenty of time to slow down and to exercise caution when approaching stalled vehicles and other road hazards. Applying your brakes early on can also serve as a warning for cars and trucks behind you.

Never Tailgate

Tailgating is the practice of driving very closely behind another vehicle. It is usually intended to encourage the vehicle in front to speed up. This practice, however, is one of the most common reasons for Houston rear end collisions and generally creates more problems than it resolves. By eliminating tailgating as part of your driving repertoire, you can stay safer on the road.

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