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How Does the Settlement Process Work After a Car Accident?

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Take pictures of a car accident to help your Houston traffic accident lawyer fight for a fair settlement.

It can be a trying time in your life after you’ve been injured in a car accident. You should never hesitate to ask your Houston traffic accident lawyer questions about your case, the process, or anything else you may be curious about. For example, many people wonder how the settlement process works after an auto accident injury. Your Houston auto accidents lawyers are here to answer your questions and help you receive fair compensation. Your Houston traffic accident lawyer can help you fight for monetary coverage for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages related to your accident.

How Your Houston Traffic Accident Lawyer Helps with Your Claim

After your accident, you will need to file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance provider. You will need to include evidence that backs up your claim to compensation. During this process, your Houston traffic accident lawyer can provide valuable advice. For example, they can help you gather pertinent evidence or documentation the insurance adjuster may need. They can also advise you on the best practices for returning to work, documenting issues, and other factors that may influence your case.

After you file a claim, you will likely receive a letter confirming that the insurance company has received your claim. This letter is called a reservation of rights letter. This letter means they have received your claim, but haven’t accepted fault. If you haven’t talked to an attorney up until this point, it’s best to retain a Houston accident injury attorney at this time. However, the earlier your attorney gets involved, the easier it is for them to help.

Out of Court Settlements

While you may think that Houston auto accidents lawyers are only there if you seek legal action for your injuries, they can significantly assist you in an out of court settlement as well. If an insurance provider decides their driver was at fault, they will likely offer you a settlement amount.

Consult with your Houston traffic accident lawyer before you accept this settlement, as they will have a better idea of what fair compensation looks like for you. Additionally, they may be able to negotiate a better settlement in case any future complications that may arise. If you accept a settlement that an insurance provider offers you, they will likely require you to sign a “release of liability” before sending you the settlement. This document releases them and the negligent driver from future legal action for your case. Therefore, you should speak to your Houston accident injury attorney before you sign this document.

Talk to Your Houston Accident Injury Attorney About a Lawsuit

If you are unable to agree on a settlement with the auto insurance provider out of court, you will likely need to file a lawsuit to receive fair compensation. Your Houston traffic accident lawyer will then help you file and build a case for your personal injury lawsuit. After your attorney and the insurance provider argue your positions on your case, a jury will pass judgement. The insurance agency is then responsible for paying the amount that the court determines they owe you.

After a car accident, contact our professionals at DeSimone Law Office for help. Our legal professionals care for you and are completely in your corner. Therefore, we take care of out of pocket expenses until we win your case. Call us today at (713) 526-0900 to discuss your case and receive a free case evaluation. We are here to help you defend your rights after an auto accident.

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