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Avoiding Issues With Social Media After a Houston Auto Accident

Social Media After Houston Auto AccidentIf you have been involved in a serious accident, your use of social media may not be one of the first things you consider during your healing process. Your posts about the incident could have a significant impact on the outcome of your Houston auto accident lawsuit. Taking a few steps to prevent negative impressions from your posts on Twitter, Facebook and other sites will help you avoid undesirable results. Here are some of the most practical suggestions for managing social media after a serious auto accident.

Minimize Your Presence

Almost anything you say on social media could serve as evidence for the attorneys on the other side of your Houston auto accident lawsuit. Reviewing your posts’ content is essential to ensure that your presence social media does not jeopardize your court case. Your Houston car injury attorney has the experience to provide solid guidance for you in managing your social media presence. 

Make Your Social Media Sites Private

Another strategy to manage your social media’s impact is restricting who can see your posts, photos and comments. Setting your social media sites to private will not provide absolute protection for you. It is still a good idea to watch what you say on these sites. Attorneys on the other side can subpoena information from your social media accounts. They can then use your posts in an attempt to undermine your claims of injury. Your Houston auto accident attorney is your best source of information on the possible consequences of imprudent social media posts. 

Think Before You Post

Keeping your Houston auto accident lawsuit in mind before posting to your Twitter, Facebook, or other social media sites will prevent mistakes that could cost you in court. If you do post something questionable, do not delete it. The attorneys and insurance company representatives on the other side of your legal action may view this as an attempt to destroy evidence, which could count against you in the courtroom. Instead, take special care to avoid posting things that could be misconstrued by jurors or the judge in your case.

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