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The Insurance Company Will Not Pay As You Go

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office have been discussing insurance company tactics implemented by automobile insurance companies whose drivers have been at fault in accidents.  The first two things potential auto accident clients want to know are who is going to pay for my medical bills and my car is not drivable and how am I going to get around.  An initial call to an insurance company by an unrepresented client is likely to be met by the response that the insurance company is investigating the insurance claim and after they have finished their investigation they will then be able to get to the matter of compensating the traffic accident victim.  After several days if things go smoothly the insurance company may actually admit that their insured driver is at fault for the car accident.  The unrepresented claimant is excited and asks about a rental car and payment of his hospital bills and future medical expenses as he or she has been without transportation for several days, has collection notices coming in the mail and is in much pain and unable to pay for any medical treatment out of pocket.  The insurance company response will be as to the rental car go ahead and rent one and we will reimburse you 25 dollars a day.  The injured claimant thinks to himself he does not have the funds to rent a car and on top of that what kind of car can be had for 25 dollars per day.  The insurance company says with regards to the pending medical bills that those will be paid when the case is settled. In other words give up your right to future medical treatment in exchange for us paying the bills we owe today.  With regards to future medical bills they state they will reimburse the injured party when the case settles. In other words pay for thousands of dollars of medical bills out of pocket and we will see about paying them in the future.  The injured claimant thinks I did not cause this accident and now it looks like the insurance company can get away without paying for my property damage, my past medical bills or my future medical bills. How in the world am I, and injured claimant living from paycheck to paycheck going topay these expenses and wait for reimbursement at some undefined time in the future? They think this is not fair and they are right. These tactics by the insurance company are meant to discourage collection of claims.  What should a claimant in that situation do?

Call the lawyers at DeSimone Law Office.  If you have been in an accident, need transportation, need your pending medical bills handled and treatment for your current injuries, they will make sure that you are provided these costs an no up front costs to you. You will get the medical treatment you need and not have to pay out of pocket.

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