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The Most Common Places Accidents Occur

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If you were in an accident in one of these common areas, talk to your Houston auto accident attorney.

While accidents can happen anywhere, there are certain areas of the road that are riskier than others. After an accident, it’s important to contact your Houston auto accident attorney to help you receive fair compensation. Be hyper-vigilant when driving in these three areas. This way, you can hopefully avoid car crashes and stay safe. Unfortunately, accidents do still happen. Therefore, it’s important to have an experienced Houston auto accident attorney on your side.

Even Accidents in Parking Lots May Require the Help of Your Houston Auto Accident Attorney

Parking lots typically contain many cars and pedestrians in a small area. Therefore, they can be a common scene of car accidents. Generally, parking lot accidents are less serious. However, any car accident can cause injuries, no matter how slowly you’re driving. Therefore, you may need the help of a skilled Houston auto accident attorney to to help you receive fair compensation after a parking lot accident. Your Houston accident injury attorney is there to help you with damages and injuries caused by a crash.

Use Extra Caution in Two-Lane Roads

In addition, two lane roads can be dangerous, as they create a higher risk for head-on collisions. Two lane roads often use narrower shoulders than larger highways, which gives drivers less margin for error in lane drifting. Head-on collisions on two lane roads also frequently occur when a driver drives in the wrong lane to pass another vehicle.

Therefore, be careful to stay in your lane and practice good vehicle passing behavior. Unfortunately, if another driver on a two lane road is negligent, you could be seriously injured. If this has happened to you, your Houston auto accident attorney can assist you through the claims process. Additionally, a Houston auto accident lawsuit can help you receive fair compensation after a crash caused by a negligent driver.

Crashes in Intersections Can Seriously Injure You

Finally, be cautious in intersections, especially ones where there are only stop or yield signs. Naturally, intersections where two direction of traffic meet increase the likelihood of an accident. Most often, side-impact collisions occur at intersections when a vehicle is attempting to turn left. Side-impact accidents can cause serious injuries, that can have lasting consequences. If you were injured at an intersection by a negligent driver, a Houston accident injury attorney can help you during the claims process and fight for your right to receive fair compensation after you’re injured in a car crash.

At DeSimone Law Office, we have settled thousands of auto accident disputes for over 20 years and can provide valuable advice during the claims and compensation process. We understand how accidents can interrupt your life. Therefore, we provide you with a rental car at no cost until your damaged vehicle is repaired or replaced. Our team is here to fight for you in and out of court so you can focus on what matters most: your recovery. Call us today at (713) 526-0900 to schedule a consultation with our team. We are here to serve you.

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