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The Textalyzer: What It Is and What It Means for You

Modern technologies are making cars and trucks safer than ever before. In some cases, however, the tools that are used to ensure greater safety for drivers and passengers could potentially be used as evidence in a Houston auto accident claim or other legal proceedings. The Textalyzer is a good example of a new technology that could pose real issues for drivers in the state of Texas and across the country. Here are some of the most important facts you should know about the Textalyzer and its implications for your driving future.

What Is the Textalyzer?

Currently in development for use by law enforcement officials, the Textalyzer will provide police officers with detailed information about mobile phone usage before and during an automotive accident. Law enforcement officials could use advanced analytical software that could identify all activity on a particular phone during a specific time period. This information could potentially be used to establish fault or to serve as justification for a ticket or citation for distracted driving.

Arguments for the Textalyzer

Proponents of the Textalyzer note that the principle of implied consent is already used to allow the application of breathalyzer tests to drivers suspected of drinking and driving. Because distracted driving is a significant risk to others on the road, the use of the Textalyzer could potentially serve as a real deterrent to these activities. Proposed legislation would even allow the suspension of driving privileges for those who refused testing by the Textalyzer, creating an even stronger reason for drivers to avoid texting and driving.

Textalyzer Downsides

Those who oppose the implementation of Textalyzer technologies point to the invasion of privacy it imposes on drivers who may not have committed any crime. By looking at the private texts and communications on a personal cell phone, police could potentially expose sensitive information not related to the traffic offense. Difficulties in determining who was using the phone could also arise when more than one individual was in the car at the time. In all cases, consulting with a Houston car crash attorney is the best course of action after any automotive accident.

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