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Things Insurance Companies Rely On To Reduce The Value Of Claims

The Houston Auto Accidents Attorneys at DeSimone Law Office represent car accident  victims with a wide range of injuries. Clients with broken bones or open wounds requiring immediate medical care are automatically taken to the hospital from the scene of an accident and no fair minded jury would question their personal injuries.  However many traffic accident victims do not have any visible signs of injury and in fact may not experience any pain from an auto accident until the day after an accident. This fact situation occurs because an injury to the neck or back may not manifest itself until the next day, much like the delayed muscle soreness one would experience the day after a hard physical workout. Also the accident victim’s adrenaline is flowing at the scene of the accident, and any pain from the accident will not be felt until the next day because of this adrenaline flow. Of course the police officer at the scene asks the injured party at the scene whether he is hurt and the victim not experiencing any pain at that time tells the officer he is not. That statement is noted on the police report. Of course later on the at fault party’s insurance company will latch on to that at a settlement conference or trial to prove any subsequent claim of injury is made up. Most injury victims who wake up the next day sore assume because of all the insurance company propaganda that they will get better shortly. So the injured party delays medical treatment because they think the pain will go away shortly.  The injured party discovers in a couple of weeks that they are still hurting and they finally go to a doctor.  The insurance company will latch on to this delay in treatment in several ways in an attempt to mitgate the damages they have to pay on the insurance  claim. First they will say if the injured party was really hurt they would have gone to a doctor right away. They will insinuate that some other event must have happened in the interim between the car accident and the doctor’s visit to cause the injured party’s pain, and now the injured party is trying to tie it into the accident.  Any previous injury to the mentioned area hurt by the accident will be used by the insurance company to try to show that the injury existed before the accident and is not related to the car wreck the injured party had. Theses are just some of the tactics used by insurance companies to not have to fairly pay accident victims.

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